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POS terminals

Increase sales volume with the latest generation of POS terminals

12 meseci besplatnog korišćenja POS terminala

Apliciraj za POS program u sklopu nacionalnog programa "Bolji način", ostvari pogodnosti i digitalizuj svoj biznis uz besplatno korišćenje POS terminala.

Pogledajte šta nudi program podrške i ko sve može da aplicira.


What are all the possibilities provided by POS terminals?
  • Increase in turnover and sales volume (without limiting customers to the amount of cash in the wallet) 
  • Posting the payment on the first following day
  • Service and technical support 24/7
  • Contactless payments
  • Payments up to 5,000 RSD without entering a PIN code
  • Possibility to pay-out cash to customers
  • IPS payments
Three attractive models of network use

Use a POS terminal free of charge

Rent a POS terminal

Purchase a POS terminal

Pay and Withdraw cash

The Pay and Withdraw Cash service allows you to pay out cash at POS terminals

You can offer each of your customers who pay via Mastercard®  or or VISA card (issued by any bank) to withdraw up to RSD 5,000 in cash.  


  • Greater security - you’ll have less cash in circulation. Opportunities for embezzlement are fewer. 
  • Less administration - the cash that you pay out to your customers is transferred to your ProCredit Bank account and is recognised as a daily deposit without having to take the cash to the bank and fee-free. 
  • Increased turnover - Withdrawal at POS terminals is not possible without making a purchase. Anyone who needs cash, but does not want to use an ATM, will become your customer - and your regular customers are granted additional benefits.   

See instructions for merchants on how to use POS terminals to perform cash pay out.

IPS Instant payments by QR code

IPS Instant payments services give you the option of allowing your customers to pay their bill via mobile phone in one of two ways:

  • IPS Show - the customer generates a QR code on his/her mobile phone and you scan the barcode with your reader 
  • IPS Scan - you generate a QR code on the POS terminal slip which the customer scans using his/her mobile phone 

See instructions for merchants on how to use POS terminals to perform IPS QR payments.

PIN Pad service

PIN Pad service is an extension of your POS terminal whereby you can give your customers the option of paying without having any contact with the POS terminal, which you use, as the merchant.

The customer can fully independently perform the transaction, which allows both the merchant and the customer to save time and use the POS terminal more comfortably.

Types of available POS terminals

  • Landline - analogue line
  • Landline - internet connection
  • Landline - GPRS connection
  • Mobile - GPRS connection
  • Sunmi P2 
  • Sunmi P2 PRO

Iskoristite 12 meseci besplatnog korišćenja POS terminala

Prijavite se za POS terminal u okviru nacionalnog programa "Bolji način"

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