POS terminals


ProCredit Bank is pleased to announce that we have added an additional service to our existing wide range of services on offer.  Let us introduce you to the ProCredit Bank POS network, which enables all merchants to provide affordable services by using our POS terminal with the ability to process the most widely-accepted VISA, Mastercard and DINA cards available on our market.  

Choose from one of three attractive models:

  • Use a POS terminal free of charge
  • Rent a POS terminal 
  • Purchase a POS terminal


State-of-the-art line of wireless devices:

  • Landline - analogue line
  • Landline - internet connection
  • Landline - GPRS connection
  • Mobile - GPRS connection


Our POS network provides the following advantages:

  • Pin Pad for each device (as desired)
  • Booking payments from the next day
  • 24/7 maintenance and tech support 

The installation of our Bank’s POS network comes with a range of benefits and advantages, to both the customer, by allowing for efficient, elegant, quick and easy payments, and to the merchant by allowing for the following: 

  • increasing transaction and sales volumes (not limited to the amount of cash on hand)
  • keeping up with the competition, with modern technologies and modernisation
  • allowing for deferred payments via credit cards issued to private individuals and legal entities
  • allowing for payments to wholesalers and retail shops via Business (company) cards 
  • Casshback transactions (for Mastercard®  cardholders)

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