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Mastercard® Credit card

With Total Account Package only.

Interest rate of just 9% per annum. EIR 11.11%

Why should you choose our credit card?

  • Revolving card, minimum monthly repayment of 5%,
  • you can choose to pay a higher repayment rate,
  • the card is issued for a 2-year period,
  • for domestic and foreign payments, as well as paying online, 
  • contactless. 

What you need to know

Conditions and an example of credit card use

An example

  • Limit amount: RSD 100,000
  • Repayment period: 24 months
  • Annual NIR (fixed): 9%
  • EIR: 11.11%
  • Revolving rate: 5% (minimum monthly percentage of debt repayment)
  • Indexing criteria: no criteria


Additional expenses:

  • Cost of a Credit Bureau Report: RSD 246
  • Opening and maintaining a Total Account Package expenses: RSD 595
  • Credit card maintenance: RSD 1,800 for the card’s period of validity (2 years)

Example: For 30 days of use of RSD 50,000, the interest is RSD 360 
The provided example includes salary transfer to ProCredit Bank and Total Account Package use.

How much will a credit card cost me?

Interest rate of 9% per annum (EIR of 11.11%) is calculated monthly on the amount in use.  

With this, a two-year membership fee is charged in the amount of RSD 1,800.

How do I activate my card?

The card is activated by SMS code, without having to visit the bank. Simply follow the instructions provided with the card. 

What is the limit on the card?

The limit depends on your indebtedness.

The minimum limit is RSD 60,000 and the maximum limit is RSD 600,000.

Your credit card’s limit may amount to 3 monthly salaries (including your overdraft limit).

What conditions do I need to fulfil to receive a card?

An open Total Account Package, and the transfer of your salary to ProCredit Bank

Minimum earnings of RSD 60,000 per month.


What do I need to submit a Credit Card Application Form?

  • Fill in and sign the Credit Card Application Form
  • Salary slips for the past three months, certified and signed by your employer
  • Bank statements from your previous bank for the past 6 months
  • Confirmation from your employer and a certified Attachment of Salary
  • Consent to obtain a Credit Bureau Report


Not a client of ProCredit Bank yet?

Open an Total Account Package online in just 10 minutes and enjoy all the benefits of using our credit card.