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Legal rights

ProCredit Bank a.d. Belgrade
17 Milutina Milankovića Street
11070 Novi Beograd
Republic of Serbia
Entered in the register of the Serbian Business Registers Agency under No. 8269/2005
Identification number: 17335677
VAT number: 100000215
Subscribed capital: EUR 48,639,652.45
Paid-in capital: EUR 48,639,652.45
Chairperson of the Executive Board: Svetlana Tolmačeva Dingarac

Terms of use

All information available on these website is for solely informational purposes and should not be used for commercial purposes.
Information that ProCredit Bank a.d. Belgrade publishes on this website is deemed accurate and reliable at the time of entry. ProCredit Bank a.d. Belgrade constantly checks and updates the information on its website, and may, at any time and without prior notice, update the existing or add new information on its website.

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Areas of our website use cookies. A cookie is a text file stored locally on your computer through your web browser. It enables the recording of statistical parameters regarding the connection to the website, keeping statistics and analysing your visits to the website for the purpose of optimising the functions of the Bank’s website. Personal Data are not processed or kept in this manner; therefore, the collected information may not be used for personal identification. If you do not wish cookies to be stored on your computer, disable cookies for this website in your web browser. Also, previously saved cookies may be deleted from your web browser. Disabling, i.e. deletion may affect the functionality of a website.
The website records technical parameters of connections, to provide an optimal level of security, while Personal Data are not recorded in the process.

Privacy Policy

It is possible to visit the Bank’s website without leaving Personal Data. If you wish to obtain more information, register or use banking services, certain areas of the Bank’s website allow you to voluntarily provide your Personal Data.
The Bank collects, processes, stores and protects Personal Data for the purpose of preparing, concluding and executing agreements or banking services, all in accordance with the established principles and requirements of the applicable Law on Personal Data Protection, as described in detail in the document ProCredit Bank Notification on Personal Data Processing, which is available on the Bank’s website, at the following location, as well as at the Bank’s service points.


In the event of an error on its website, ProCredit Bank a.d. Belgrade will try to rectify this error in a short period of time and update the content of its website appropriately.
Due to the possible existence of an error, or accidental omissions, on some website pages, we invite all interested private individuals and legal entities to enquire about the concrete conditions of all ProCredit Bank a.d. Belgrade services presented on this site at their nearest branch of ProCredit Bank, or to call our Info Centre on: 0 700 700 000.


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