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Fixed fee for international payments between ProCredit Group member banks.

Just EUR 2.50 per transaction 

What is ProPay?

The ProPay system is unique in that it is a payment system between ProCredit Group member banks, which allows for quicker execution of cashless orders and/or documentary payments between ProCredit Bank clients. 

The fee for all ProPay payments, regardless of amount is a mere EUR 2.50.

Who can use ProPay?

Regional ProCredit Bank clients - private individuals, institutions or companies that have branches in countries where ProCredit Bank operates.  

Where is ProPay available?

Germany, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Kosovo, Greece and Ukraine.  

How do I use ProPay?
  1. Downloud international payment order 1450 and fill it in (Take a look at Instructions on how to fill in the order).
  2. Send the filled in order, along with accompanying documentation to the following e-mail address When transferring funds to another bank abroad for the purpose of a purchase/sale, then it is necessary to send the Agreement as well.
  3. The final order will be sent to the Inbox of your eBanking application. You need to confirm the order by a TAN code generated in the application. 
  4. Your payment is then executed.

All ProPay transactions are performed within 3 hours and the funds are deposited very quickly into the recipient's account held at ProCredit Bank.  

All that is required is that the payer and payee both have accounts opened at one of the ProCredit banks.