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All your banking needs in one place.

Free of charge with a Total Account Package and Total Agro Account.

Manage your finances with eBanking

Anytime, anywhere, with eBanking

  • Manage your accounts online
  • Pay your bills free of charge through your Total Account and Total Agro Account - 10 free transactions 
  • Monitor your expenses
  • Exchange foreign currency, at the middle exchange rate up to EUR 1,000 per month through your Total Account and Total Agro Account
  • Transfer money to your savings
  • Download bank statements
Be in touch with the bank online

No trips to the bank

  • Submit applications for any of our new services - savings, cards, overdraft, loans, etc.
  • Request a Letter of Confirmation/Certification from the bank
  • Send the bank a message
  • Schedule a time to withdraw cash (for withdrawals over EUR 5,000)
  • Update your personal information

The bank sends messages and documentation directly to your Inbox!



How much does eBanking cost?

eBanking is free of charge through your Total Account or Total Agro Account, including 10 free transactions monthly. Any additional transaction is charged in accordance with the valid Price List.

This refers to all payments, including instant payments, so there are no additional expenses when paying your bills online. 

If you have Free or Basic Account transactions performed through eBanking are charged in accordance with the valid Price List. 

There is no maintenance fee for any account.

How do I register for eBanking?

If you don’t have an account at ProCredit Bank and you wish to use our eBanking, all you need to do is to open an account online and eBanking will be automatically activated, free of charge.

How do I register for eBanking if I’m already a client?

If you are already our client but don’t use eBanking or mBanking, you can register via our Online Centre by sending an email to the following address: and let us know which of these services you wish to activate. All you need to do is to send us your telephone number, the name of your mobile operator and the model of mobile phone you have. 

Once we have received your application, you will be contacted by our Online Centre for further steps.


Internet security

When surfing online, you need to pay special attention to the security features of the websites you visit. 


Need help or support with eBanking account?
Call technical support

011 201 3131

work days 8-20h and Saturdays 8-13h.