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Bank management

Igor Anić, Chairperson of the Executive Board

Igor Anić

Igor Anić possesses long-term experience in banking and finance. He graduated from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics, and completed the ProCredit Management Academy in Fürth, Germany. Upon graduation, he spent three years in Energoprojekt, after which he continues his career in ProCredit Bank in 2005.

He started as a Risk Department Specialist, then headed the Controlling Department and soon afterwards was appointed the Head of the Internal Services Department. He joined the Executive Board in 2011, and for the past ten years he has been in charge of different areas – from finance, general and legal affairs and risk management to marketing, HR and business development.

Since 2020 he is the Chairperson of ProCredit Bank’s Executive Board and a member of the Bank’s Board of Directors in Ecuador.
He has been a member of NALED’s Supervisory Board since 2015. He adheres to the basic values of the ProCredit Group, is dedicated to implementing ProCredit Bank’s development mission in the Serbian economy which is his all-time commitment.

Ivan Smiljković, Member of the Executive Board

Ivan Smiljkovic, Executive board member

Ivan Smiljković graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Niš, Department of Financial Management, and he completed the ProCredit Management Academy in Fürth, Germany. He started his professional career in ProCredit Bank in 2007, in credit risk analysis. Subsequently, he was appointed the Client Relationship Manager. Exceptional cooperation with clients and a profound understanding of business determined Ivan’s further professional path as he becomes a Branch Manager in Smederevo in 2011.

Owing to his competency combined with talent for establishing interpersonal relations, he was promoted to Head of the SMEs Department in 2013. It was just two years later that he joined ProCredit Bank’s Executive Board. For the past several years he has worked towards positioning the Bank as a leader in digitalisation and modern technologies implementation.

Ivan participated in numerous panels and public discussions relating to green financing and environmental protection. In 2020 he became a member of the Board of Directors in the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (AHK Serbia). He undertakes to build sustainable client relations based on trust, reliability and respect.

Nemanja Tomić, Member of the Executive Board


Nemanja Tomić graduated from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics, Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance. He joined ProCredit Bank in 2014. He started as a Small Business Client Adviser. This position provided him with an opportunity to work with a large number of clients. He demonstrated remarkable understanding of both client and market needs, as well as the Bank’s strategic position.

During 2016, he was appointed Čačak Branch Manager, and following the branch reorganisation, he continued to perform the same duty in Kragujevac. As a result of the Bank’s strategic decision to further strengthen its position in the PI segment, he became the Head of the Banking Service Department in 2018. He was appointed a member of the ProCredit Executive Board in 2019.

Meanwhile, he successfully completed the ProCredit Management Academy in Fürth, Germany. He is a member of the Financial Services Committee of Foreign Investors Council (FIC). He is devoted to transformation which would lead to total digitalisation creating new possibilities and advanced business solutions.

Chairman of the General Assembly of Shareholders of ProCredit Bank a.d. Beograd

  • Ms Sandrine Massiani

Member of the Board of Directors at ProCredit Bank a.d. Beograd

  • Dr. Gian Marco Felice, Chairman
  • Mr Goran Živkov, Member
  • Mr Hubert Spechtenhauser, Member
  • Mr Rainer Ottenstein, Member
  • Ms Suzannah Herring Carr, Member