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Domaći platni promet

Domestic payments

For fast and reliable payments in the country

Domestic payments

By opening a current account and using our domestic payments services, you will be able to:

  • Maintain all account types for payment transactions, including trading securities accounts
  • Competitive transaction fees for non-cash transactions via eBanking 
  • Check account balance and turnover
  • Receiving account statements on e-mail address  
  • Online confirmation issuance 
  • Register Bill of exchange and initiate enforced collection
  • Use day-time/night-time safe for daily takings at any time of the day or night, with the possibility of cash limit 
  • Founding deposits for start-up companies


How do I register a bill of exchange?

To register a bill of exchange, you need to:

  1. Fill out Bills of exchange registration forms
  2. Sign the filled in form by electronic signature
  3. Send your filled in and signed form (along with scanned copies of the bill(s) of exchange you wish to register) to 
What is my ‘Cash Limit’?

The Cash Limit is the approved ‘indebtedness’ per current account available to you absolutely free of charge, interest and fee-free.

This is a non-credit service provided by the bank and directly linked to your current account, intended for clients who make their daily deposits via day/night safes.  

This grants you access to your daily deposit funds even before they are deposited and posted as a paid-in daily deposit.

Once your daily deposit is posted, the amount you withdrew from your Cash Limit is automatically covered