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Instant Payment by QR code - IPS

Make quick and secure payments with the help of a QR code.

NEW in the mBanker application - IPS scan and IPS show

How do IPS scan and IPS show work?

The new option available in the mBankar mobile application - IPS scan and IPS show allow you to pay your bills online and make

purchases at any POS with an IPS sign with the help of a QR code,

 up to the maximum amount of RSD 300,000.

Transfer instant payments by QR code
  • The fastest way to pay - it takes just a few minutes.
  • Free of charge - no additional expenses.
  • Cashless and cardless payments - practical and secure. 
  • No need to enter your card details and account number - no possibility of making an error.
  • No need to fill in the details on a payment order - the only thing you need to enter is the amount you wish to pay, when paying your bills.
  • All you need is to install the mBankar mobile application - always with you in your mobile phone.
  • One QR code per transaction - no possibility of misuse.
How do I pay my monthly bills online?
  1. Log in to the mBankar application
  2. Choose the IPS scan option
  3. Scan the QR code on your bill once the camera is initiated
  4. Enter the amount you wish to pay
  5. Check the other details automatically read and confirm your payment


How do I pay for things at points of sale?

Pay by choosing the IPS scan option

  1. Log in to the mBankar application and choose the IPS scan option.
  2. Scan the QR code at the POS once the camera is initiated and confirm payment.

Pay by choosing the IPS show option

You can generate a QR code on your phone and show it to the retailer, who will then scan the code and complete the payment.

  1. Log in to the mBankar application and choose the IPS show option.
  2. The application will generate a QR code, show the code to the retailer, who then scans the QR code and completes the payment.

The generated QR code has a time limit of 60 seconds. After that it is necessary to generate a new code. 

Points of sale where you can use instant payments are Idea, Mercator, Roda, Lilly drugstore in Kralja Milana (Belgrade), as well as at NIS Petrol and Gazprom gas stations.

How do I activate the IPS service?
Log in to the mBankyr application

Enter your PIN to log in to the application

Go into Settings in the Main Menu

the last field in the Main Menu

Click on ‘Set up an IPS Account’

a list of all your accounts at our bank will then appear.

Choose the account you wish to perform IPS payments from

This account will appear automatically each time you wish to perform an IPS payment.  

Downloud the manual for IPS payments

Still not our client?

Open an Account online in just 10 minutes and start paying quickly and easily.


You have an account with our bank but don’t have the mBankar application?

Download the mBankar application and register for mBanking. 


Do you want to register for our IPS service as a merchant?

You can offer your customers the IPS payment option in your virtual or retail store.