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Flex Save

Save online with no set minimum amount and without having to visit the bank!

Withdraw funds from your savings, whenever you need to!

Want to save, but don’t want to tie up your money?

With FlexSave, you can withdraw your funds whenever necessary, without interrupting your term deposit or loss of interest.
Find out why 80% of our clients choose FlexSave as their TDA. 

Manage your savings online

With eBanking and our mobile application mBanker 

  • transfer cash to your savings account in unlimited amounts, without cancelling the term deposit,
  • transfer cash to your current account, when you need to, 
  • create a standing order and automatically save as much as you like each month.

Any time of day/night, whenever it suits you!

Withdraw cash whenever you need to

At our 24/7 Zones, using our debit card

  • deposit savings, in RSD or EUR
  • withdraw cash whenever you need to
  • up to EUR 5,000, every day
  • at any time day/night - 24 hours a day

Larger deposits and withdrawals are possible by scheduling a time, a day in advance, with our Online Centre.

Open an account without having to visit the bank

Open an account online through our website

  • without having to queue,
  • with no set minimum amount,
  • without having to visit the bank.

via video identification, every business day from 8:00 to 20:00 and Saturdays from 9:00 to 12:00.

Want to save? Send us your details and one of our Advisors will contact you shortly
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Obaveštenje o obradi i zaštiti podataka o ličnosti

Korišćenje internet prezentacije Banke je moguće bez ostavljanja podataka o ličnosti. U slučaju da želite da se detaljnije informišete, prijavite ili koristite poslovne usluge Banke, na određenim delovima internet prezentacije Banke, moguće je dobrovoljno uneti sopstvene podatke o ličnosti.

Banka prikuplja, obrađuje, čuva i štiti podatke o ličnosti, u svrhu pripreme, zaključenja i izvršenja ugovora, ili postupanja po zahtevima podnetih putem kontakt formi na sajtu u svemu saglasno uspostavljenim načelima i zahtevima važećeg Zakona o zaštiti podataka o ličnosti, što je detaljno opisano kroz dokument „Obaveštenje o obradi podataka o ličnosti ProCredit Bank” koji je dostupan na zvaničnoj internet prezentaciji Banke, kao i u poslovnim prostorijama Banke.

What do I need to open FlexSave?
A mobile phone or computer equipped with a camera

so that we can perform the video identification online, without you having to visit the bank

Personal ID card or passport

a valid document that you can use for identification purposes during video identification

and 20 minutes of your time

and this is all you need to start saving, as soon as today!

The bank participates in the system of compulsory deposit insurance established in the Republic of Serbia. 

Learn more at the Deposit Insurance Agency



View the terms and conditions and an example of FlexSave
View the terms and conditions of opening a FlexSave account

FlexSave terms and conditions (EUR savings): FlexSave - flexible term deposit over 12 months in EUR currency.
Indexing criteria: none.
Set minimum: none.
Set maximum: up to EUR 500,000.00. 

Withdrawal and deposit is performed by transferring funds to the current account in the same currency as the savings.

100% availability of savings funds enabled.

This offer is available with a Total Account.

Example of FlexSave in EUR

Type of deposit: FlexSave, FX deposit with monthly interest accrual

Currency:  EUR

Indexing criteria: none.

Amount:  EUR 50,000.00 

Annual NIR: 0.6%, fixed

EIR: 0.51%

Period of the term deposit: 12 months

Tax obligation: 15% on EUR savings, in accordance with the Personal Income Tax Law

In our 24/7 Self-Service Zones
Withdraw or deposit funds from your savings

in RSD or EUR, up to 5,000 EUR every day