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Flex štednja

Prebacite štednju u ProCredit. Brzo! Lako! ONLINE!

Save ONLINE, no minimum amount without having to visit the bank.

Term deposit savings account from which you can withdraw money, whenever you need it, with an attractive interest rate.

Why choose FLEX savings?

  • Open an account  without having to visit the bank
  • All you need is a phone, ID and internet
  • You manage Flex savings through eBanking and mBanking
  • No minimum amount
  • You can add and withdraw your money indefinitely without interrupting the term deposit
  • Interest is calculated daily on the money in the account, and it is paid monthly
  • In Zone 24/7 you can withdraw and add up to 5,000 euros per day (and higher amounts with prior notice)
  • Through eBanking and mBanking, you can transfer money for savings, at no additional cost.
  • At any time, when it suits you

Want to save? Send us your details and one of our Advisors will contact you shortly

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Use of the Bank's website is possible without leaving personal information, In a case you want to get more detailed information, register or use the Bank's business services, in certain parts of the Bank's website, it is possible to voluntarily enter your own personal data

The Bank collects, processes, stores and protects personal data for the purpose of preparing, concluding, and executing contracts, or acting on requests submitted through the contact form on the website in accordance with established principles and requirements of the applicable Law on Personal Data Protection, which is described in detail through the document;Notice on the processing of personal data of ProCredit Bank” which is available on the official website of the Bank and the business premises of the Bank.


View the terms and conditions and an example of FlexSave

View the terms and conditions of opening a FlexSave account

FlexSave terms and conditions (EUR savings): FlexSave - flexible term deposit over 12 months in EUR currency.
Indexing criteria: none.
Set minimum: none.

FlexSave 12 months    
Currency NIR EIR
EUR 0.45% 0.38%
RSD 0.90% 0.90%
USD 0.10% 0.08%

Withdrawal and deposit is performed by transferring funds to the current account in the same currency as the savings.

100% availability of savings funds enabled.

This offer is available with a Total Account.

Example of FlexSave in EUR

Type of deposit: FlexSave, FX deposit with monthly interest accrual

Currency:  EUR

Indexing criteria: none.

Amount:  EUR 50,000.00 

Annual NIR: 0.45%, fixed

EIR: 0.38%

Period of the term deposit: 12 months

Tax obligation: 15% on EUR savings, in accordance with the Personal Income Tax Law

Example of FlexSave in RSD

Type of deposit: FlexSave, FX deposit with monthly interest accrual

Currency: RSD

Indexing criteria: none.

Amount:  500.000,00 RSD

Annual NIR: 0,90%, fiksna

EIR: 0,90%

Period of the term deposit: 12 months

Tax obligation: without tax liability for savings in RSD currency

What do I need to open FlexSave?

A mobile phone or computer equipped with a camera

so that we can perform the video identification online, without you having to visit the bank

Personal ID card or passport

a valid document that you can use for identification purposes during video identification

and 20 minutes of your time

and this is all you need to start saving, as soon as today!

The bank participates in the system of compulsory deposit insurance established in the Republic of Serbia. 

Learn more at the Deposit Insurance Agency



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