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BizFlex save

Dedicated deposit account that you independently manage via eBanking or mBanking by transferring excess liquidity to savings.

Let your money work for you

Apply for a BizFlex save account today and reap the benefits of the most flexible savings.

Online savings, without limits

BizFlex savings account is available only with a previously opened current account in our bank and is a complementary part of it.

  • Daily calculation of interest on funds in a BizFlex save account
  • Monthly accrual of interest
  • Available in EUR and RSD
  • Transfer money from a current account to a savings account without interrupting the term deposit
  • Transfer of funds from savings to current account, and vice versa, are completely free and unlimited in number and amount
Additional information
How to open a BizFlex save account?

BizFlex save account is a dedicated account that is available with a current account in our bank. Opening and maintaining a BizFlex savings account is completely free, and the process of opening an account is really simple:

Existing clients
  1. Download and fill in the Application for opening an account and indicate in it that you are opening Flex savings
  2. Send the completed and signed Application to the e-mail address of your advisor
New clients
  1. When opening an account in the Application for account opening, indicate that you want to open Flex savings.

More details on the current account opening process and benefits can be found here.

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