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Career in ProCredit bank

Do you want to work in a bank that is focused on innovation? Become part of the PRO team!

ProCredit banka karijera u banci
Beginners (in banking)

Beginners (in banking)

If you are new to banking or at the end of your studies (or have just graduated), take a look at our Programme for newcomers.



If you have work experience, in particular in banking, find out how you can become part of our team.



We offer you the opportunity to work in a bank during your studies.

What is it like to work for ProCredit Bank?

  • Dynamic - We strive to continually explore and experiment.
  • Challenging - We keep on top of global trends, introduce new concepts and push boundaries.
  • Innovative - We don’t have bank counters; we are the first bank operating in Serbia to offer an entirely online experience.
  • Relaxed - We have dispensed with unnecessary formality in terms of our working environment, that is, we’re all on a first name basis. 
  • Perspective - We provide an environment that nurtures personal and professional development through training and our ProCredit academies.



Who is eligible to work at ProCredit Bank?

  • We hire people, not professions - We do not require our employees to have a degree in economics because we are more interested in who you are.
  • We nurture diversity - Regardless of your educational profile, work (in)experience, or personal affinities - anyone who shares our values and agrees with our Code of Conduct is welcome!
  • We admire ambition and a desire to gain new experiences and know-how.
  • We like decisiveness, courage, innovation and diversity. 

The benefits of a career with ProCredit Bank

We invest in your development

We consistently invest in the personal and professional development of our employees through training and other forms of education such as - improving English skills, Excel courses, and other industry-specific training.  Furthermore, there are the ProCredit Bankers and ProCredit Management academies in Germany.

We care about you and your family’s health

We want our employees to feel good and to feel secure. Permanent employees enjoy private healthcare insurance for both themselves and the members of their families (policies up to EUR 100,000). What’s more, for those unforeseen situations, up to 4 days of sick leave are available per year, without a doctor’s (sick) note.

We organise on-going training

Employees can attend Group-level seminars, and other professional seminars and training at department/unit-level. There are opportunities to acquire practical experience with our parent company, ProCredit Holding, as well as visits to other banks operating within the Group.  

We provide flexible working hours

Our working hours are flexible, and employees can work up to 4 days per month from home. 

Our salary structure is unambiguous.

Our salary structure is fair and transparent and valid to all employees across the entire Group. We pay out fixed, competitive salaries, not bonuses that motivate an unquenchable race to achieve established targets.  

We take care of the youngest among us

Employees receive a baby voucher for each new-born, and a free day (day off) for each child’s first day of school. Each year we organise a Kids Day and New Year’s Gifts Giving Day. Our employees’ teenage children have the opportunity to take their first steps in the world of employment through our Summer Job Programme.

We offer other employee benefits

All employees have a FitPass available, as well as other discounts designed just for us. Also, Head Office employees enjoy the benefits of a restaurant with meals available at subsidised prices, parking and car wash services. 

ProCredit – just another bank?

If you were to ask our colleagues what it’s like to work at ProCredit Bank - we believe that the response would unanimously be: ProCredit is not a typical bank! 
So what exactly does this mean? It means that we create added values - in addition to usual success indicators, such as portfolio and profit growth, we are proud to emphasize the most valuable one: the impact we have on society, on the environment, on all of us who work at / with the ProCredit bank. 

We are dedicated to nurturing long term business relationships with all stakeholders and our approach to environmental preservation is both systematic and well planned. It may seem that we are ‘strict’ – yes, we are ‘strict’ toward ourselves, because we never deviate from our sustainability model and sound environmental practices.   When it comes to our colleagues, we invest in the professional and personal development of every single employee.

Good ideas, innovative practices, a strong desire to improve - we believe the combination of these ideals are the key to our success.

Corporate values

Environmental approach