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Enable payments on your online shop via payment cards.

In the previous year, almost one half of internet users in Serbia purchased something online!  (source)

90% of these users made purchases in Serbian internet shops.

This is the right time for you to offer your customers the option to use payment cards on your online shop.

What are the advantages for your online shop?

  • lower operational costs, as there is no need to have an actual, physical shop
  • an online shop, open 24/7 that generates profit while you are sleeping
  • wider market as you are available globally
  • transfer of funds into your account within one day
  • secure payments for your customers, as card payment is protected by latest technologies
  • credibility of a modern merchant who conforms to the needs of their consumers
  • make refunds to your customers independently 

What technical preconditions exist in order to use e-Commerce?

  • An account opened with ProCredit Bank
  • Existing online shop
  • Connecting your online shop to the e-Commerce platform.

Your Business Advisor will provide you with all the necessary information and technical instructions you need to connect,

Interested in e-Commerce? Schedule a meeting with your Advisor

Notice the processing and protection of personal data

Use of the Bank's website is possible without leaving personal information, In a case you want to get more detailed information, register or use the Bank's business services, in certain parts of the Bank's website, it is possible to voluntarily enter your own personal data.

The Bank collects, processes, stores and protects personal data for the purpose of preparing, concluding, and executing contracts, or acting on requests submitted through the contact form on the website in accordance with established principles and requirements of the applicable Law on Personal Data Protection, which is described in detail through the document “Notice on the processing of personal data of ProCredit Bank” which is available on the official website of the Bank and the business premises of the Bank.

FAQs related to e-Commerce

Who can use e-Commerce?

Eligible users of ProCredit Bank’s e-Commerce are entrepreneurs and legal entities who/which are registered in the Republic of Serbia and own an online shop. 
This includes retail shops, ranging from consumer goods, textiles, home appliances, auto equipment, sellers of children’s/educational programmes, bookstores, furniture, food production, technical equipment, machinery to various forms of services, etc.

Can an existing account be used for e-Commerce?

Yes, our existing clients can use their accounts; there is no need to open a new account. 

Can I use e-Commerce if I already use another bank’s e-Commerce service?

Yes, you can. You will need to adjust the necessary technical settings when connecting your web shop to the Payment Gateway payment processor.  

Can I make refunds to customers independently?

Yes. You are enabled to use the Merchant’s portal which means that you can make refunds to your customers on your own, both partial and full refunds. Your Business Advisor will provide you with a user manual for this portal.  

If you have any difficulties in making refunds independently, contact our customer support at:

Which web shop platforms can I connect to?

The bank has secured plug-in solutions for integration with the following platforms: Wordpress/WooCommerce, PHP, .NET, Native API, Open Cart, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal, Magento.  

How can I activate the e-Commerce service?

Submit an online Application and schedule a meeting with your Business Advisor. 

You will be contacted by our Business Advisor who will prepare all the documents you need to sign and will provide you with the instructions you need to connect. Signing the agreement for the provision of this service can be executed in one of our branches or at your business premises, as agreed with your Business Advisor.

Which cards can be used to make payments?

ProCredit Bank’s e-Commerce supports payments by Visa, Mastercard® and Dina cards, namely:

  • debit,
  • credit, 
  • business and
  • INO cards.

How safe is the e-Commerce service?

ProCredit Bank’s e-Commerce service has been developed in line with Mastercard® and Visa card associations’ guidelines, and it adheres to the safest card payment standards in the internet environment - 3D Secure Standard (Mastercard® Secure Code and Verified by VISA).

This means that if your Visa or Mastercard® payment card is included in this programme, additional identification will be required from the customer for verification to confirm that the authorised person is, in fact, the one using the card.

Does the bank provide support for setting up an online shop?

Unfortunately, no. Our bank does not provide support in the development of your online shop; However, we can recommend our partner company for this service:  Studio Present.

Internet Security

We place a great deal of attention on protecting the integrity of your transactions and information.

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