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ProCredit Academy Germany

ProCredit Academies

A place where PROfessionals are created!

We place a great deal of attention on employee development. Our two-tier academic programme in Furth, Germany makes us unique in the banking world. 

For many years ProCredit Academy has focused on the training of all interested employees. Participants arrive from all ProCredit institutions and colleagues have a one-off chance to participate in an intensive, two-tier international training programme with individuals from various cultures.  

ProCredit Bankers Academy

  • A one-year programme on offer to all employees. 
  • Encourages personal and professional development
  • Lectures include discussion, team presentations and specific training
  • Knowledge is acquired in the areas of economics, management, politics, sociology and philosophy
  • Plays a key role in the implementation of ethical and responsible banking 

ProCredit Management Academy

  • A three-year programme
  • All ProCredit Bank managers have either completed or are in the course of completing this programme
  • Offers an opportunity for personal and professional development
  • Comprehensive analysis of economic, social and political issues
  • Exchange of ideas, critical thinking, debating and teamwork 
  • Work on management and negotiation skills