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With our mBanker mobile application,

the bank is always available to you, anytime, anywhere


A bank that is always by your side

With the mobile app mBanker anytime, anywhere:

Biometrics - logging in without a PIN, with a Touch ID or Face ID

In the mBanking application, you now have the option of logging in and confirming payments with your fingerprint "Touch ID" (for Android, IOS and Huawei) or facial recognition "Face ID" (for IOS), without the need to enter a PIN.

If you have a phone with biometrics, you can quickly activate this service in the mBanker application and you no longer have to worry about whether you have remembered your PIN.

Learn how to activate biometrics and other frequently asked questions

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Good to know

How much does mBanking costs?

The usage of mBanking aplication is free of charge for all users.

Within Total Account Package and Total Agro Account you have 10 transactions free of charge.

Within Free and Basic Accunt transactions performed through mBanking are charged in accordance with the valid Price list 

How do I activate mBanking?

New clients

If you are not a ProCredit bank client, you can apply for the mBanking when opening the Account.

You should dowloud the application and you will receive the Activation code.

Existing clients

If you already use eBanking, and you would like to use mBanking too, log in to your eBanking account and send us a message via option "Your requests" with your smartphone model, platform and phone number.

After we receive your request, our colleague from Online center will send you instruction for the activation of mBanker application. 

How to install mBanking app again?

If you want to reactivate the mBanker application, you need to download the latest version of the application and request new activation codes by calling the support phone number 011 201 3131 or through the eBanking application.

How to use mBanking?

Take a look at mBanking manual

How do I activate biometrics?

If you activate the mBanker application for the first time, after successful activation, you will be offered a button with which you can activate biometrics.

aktivacija biometrije ProCredit mBanking

If you are already a user of the mBanker application, and your phone supports biometrics, you can activate biometrics by clicking in the lower right corner on: More > Settings > Security > Use biometrics

aktivacija biometrije ProCredit mBanking


Who has access to my biometric data?

The mBanker application uses saved data from your phone and does not have access to your biometric data.

For your security, we advise you to activate the biometrics option only if you have saved your biometric data, not the details of other people who have access to your phone.


Can I use biometrics if the option is not activated on my phone?

No. It is necessary that the mobile phone supports the option of fingerprint or face recognition, and that you use that option in order to be able to activate biometrics on the mBanker application. The application uses data stored on the phone.

Kako da potvrdim plaćanje kada je uključena biometrija?

Depending on your device and settings, after completing the payment order, you select the Continue option, where the payment overview screen is displayed.

After you select the Pay option - instead of the screen for entering a PIN, the option to authorize payment by fingerprint or face recognition will be displayed.

How do I turn off biometrics?

You can turn off Biometrics through More > Settings > Use Biometrics > Disable Biometrics.

with mBanker application

Pay with QR code

using IPS Scan i IPS show pay your bills online and make purchases at any POS 

Need help or support with mBanking account?

Call technical support

011 201 3131

work days 8-20h and Saturdays 8-13h.