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ProCredit Bank Serbia is a member of the ProCredit group, which is led by its Frankfurt-based parent company, ProCredit Holding.

ProCredit Holding is the sole owner of ProCredit Bank Serbia and holds 100% of the shares. ProCredit Bank Serbia was founded in April 2001 as Micro Finance Bank by an alliance of international development-oriented investors, many of which are shareholders in ProCredit Holding today. Their objective was to establish a new kind of financial institution that would meet the demand of small and very small businesses in a socially responsible manner. The primary aim was not short-term profit maximisation but rather to deepen the financial sector and contribute to long-term economic development while also achieving a sustainable return on investment.

Over the years, ProCredit Holding has consolidated the ownership and management structure of all the ProCredit banks to create a truly global group with a clear shareholder structure and to bring to each ProCredit institution all the best practice standards, synergies and benefits that this implies.

Shareholder Headquarters Share
ProCredit Holding AG  Germany 100%
Total capital   100%


ProCredit Holding

For more information about the individual shareholders and the shareholder structure, as well as the composition of the Management Board and Supervisory Board of ProCredit Holding, please see the ProCredit Holding website.