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krediti za likvidnost i obrtna sredstva

Liquidity and working capital

With business loans for liquidity and working capital, you can set a mid-term objective and reach your turnover targets with greater ease.


Liquidity and working capital loans

Choose the loan repayment dynamics that best suits your business:

  • The overdraft offers you exceptional flexibility because money is always available to you and you can use it as needed
  • Annuity loans are the right solution if you plan to invest in inventories, raw materials, raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and goods, and repay in monthly installments
  • Revolving loans or line of credit allows you to decide for yourself the dynamics of withdrawal and return of funds


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An authorised current account overdraft provides an additional source of working capital financing under highly favourable and flexible terms.

  • Exceptional flexibility
  • Availability of additional funds 24/7
  • Interest is calculated only on the amount of funds used at the end of the day, as well as on the number of days you used it
  • No commission for approved but unused funds

Annuity loans

Annuity loans are loans with monthly repayment dynamics.

Liquidity loans:

  • Loan maturity up to 18 months
  • Loan currency RSD or EUR

Loans for permanent working capital and working capital:

  • Loan maturity up to 36 months
  • Loan currency EUR

Revolving loan

A revolving credit line is an approved amount of funds that you can withdraw in tranches, in an amount that suits you.

  • The announcement of the withdrawal / return of the tranche is made one day before the desired date of use or return of funds
  • Loan currency RSD or EUR

Main benefits:

  • You determine the way and dynamics of use and returning the approved funds
  • Interest is calculated only on the amount and the number of days that the revolving was in use
  • No commission on funds you do not use
  • Maximum maturity up to 36 months (12 + 12 + 12)*

* It is necessary that the client meets the conditions and criteria defined by the initial conclusion of the contract to, with a very simple procedure, without signing a new contract and without the need to return (cancel) funds in use under the existing revolving, after one or two years to extend the validity of the revolving.

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