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Mastercard Business Trip

Card for business trip without stress

Main Advantages
  • Is used for the payment of travel advances and advance returns
  • Cash is deposited/withdrawn at our ATMs located in our 24/7 Zones
  • Unlimited number of cards per company registration number
  • The card may not be used to make payments online, via POS terminals, nor can they be used at the ATMs of other banks
  • Foreign currency transactions (deposits/withdrawals) are in the EUR
It is important to know
  • Daily limit per card - €5,000
  • Perform up to 5 deposits and 5 withdrawals 
  • The process of increasing the daily limit is very simple
  • Amounts paid-out are rounded to €0 (e.g.: €210, €1,200, €450, etc.) in paying out travel advances
  • Amounts paid-in are rounded to €5 (e.g.: €215, €355, €450, etc.) on advance returns
Frequently asked questions
What is the ‘daily limit’?

Daily limit is the maximum amount of cash that can be withdrawn at our ATMs within the period of one day. 

For Mastercard Business Trip card maximum amount of cash is 5.000 EUR

How can I increase my limit?

If you need to increase your limit beyond €5,000 you need to send Request for increase of daily limit with supporting documents one day before

How can I get my own card?

Submit Mastercard® Business Trip card Application Form by contacting business support at or our Online center.

Next, a special-purpose account is opened and used to perform the following:

  • release (deposit) cash for the payment of travel advances
  • deposit of cash for advance returns paid out for a business trip
How much does it cost to have a card issued?

The Mastercard® Business Trip card is issued free of charge. 

How many cards can I order?

You can order an unlimited number of cards per company registration number.

What does the travel advances payment process look like?
  1. Create a Business Trip Order in your eBanking account (see the instructions on how to create the order in Halcom, or in Asseco eBanking applications.
  2. When the bank releases (deposits) travel advances into the special-purpose account, you will receive an SMS message stating that the funds are now available and that you can withdraw them from an ATM
  3. Withdraw funds at our 24/7 Zones using your Business Trip card

Important info: The Business Trip Order is created via eBanking during working hours until 15:30h, and funds are available 24h a day, 7 days a week 

How do I perform advance returns?
  1. Send the fulfilled payment order via eBank with a note that it is advance return  (see the instructions on how to create the order in Halcom, or in Asseco eBanking applications.
  2. Deposit the desired amount at ATMs in our Zones 24/7 using a Business Trip card (it is possible to pay amounts rounded to 5 € (eg: 215 €, 355 €…))

Important: On one refund order, it is possible to combine multiple trips for one employee, if they were in the same country