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DCA Loan Portfolio Guarantee

Favourable conditions and more relaxed collateral requirements

Instant Payment by QR code - IPS

Make quick and secure payments with the help of a QR code.

NEW in the mBankar application - IPS scan and IPS show.

Loans for sowing

Avoid unfavourable exchange rates and save when you purchase raw materials.

Open a Total Agro account

Open a Total Agro account

Open a Total Agro account online, in just 20 minutes, via video identification.

Start to save

Start to save

Save in a flexible way. With FlexSave you can withdraw aor deposit money, without cancelling the deposit.

Schedule a meeting with our Advisor

Schedule a meeting with our Advisor

You need bank support for your Agricultural Household? Schedule a meeting with our Advisor for agriculture

We recommend


Subvencionisani krediti za poljoprivrednike 2021. godinu

Počeo je prijem zahteva za ovogodišnji program subvencionisanih kredita u saradnji sa Ministarstvom poljoprivrede.


Loans for the purchase of agricultural land

Become the owner of the land you are farming or expand your land capacities.


IPARD grant funds

IPARD grant funds help you to invest in your farm with a safe return ranging between 50% and as high as 80% of the invested funds.

The only account you will need in a bank
Total Agro Account

Everything you need from the bank, all in one account, at a single price!