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File a Complaint

Information on how to file a complaint

Dear clients,

In line with applicable regulations, we hereby notify you that if you are dissatisfied with a provided service or you have a complaint regarding operations, you can submit an official complaint to ProCredit Bank a.d.  Belgrade (hereinafter: the Bank), as the financial service provider, within three years (private individuals, agricultural producers, entrepreneurs, legal entities - if the complaint pertains to payment services, as well as providers of collateral for the Bank's receivables according to the these client categories), that is, within 60 days of discovering the violation, and no later than within three years (legal entities - except in cases where the subject of the complaint relates to payment services), starting from the day when the violation of rights or legal interests was committed, in writing, in one of the following ways:

  • In person, at one of the Bank’s locations (Bank premises), by submitting a Letter of Complaint to one of the Bank’s officers;
  • By sending a Letter of Complaint to the following address:

ProCredit Bank a.d. Belgrade
Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering Unit 
Milutina Milankovića 17
11070 New Belgrade
             (indicated as: Letter of Complaint)

  • Via the form provided on the Bank’s website 
  • In electronic form, when contracting services by concluding a distance agreement, using the means of distance communication by which the agreement to which the complaint relates has been concluded.

In accordance with its legal obligation, the Bank shall send you an official response to the received complaint within the shortest possible timeframe, and at the latest within the statutory period. 
If you are not satisfied with the Bank’s response, or the Bank fails to respond within a period of 15 (fifteen) days from the day it received the complaint, exceptionally within the extended deadline of an additional 15 (fifteen) days, in a clear and concise manner, you may:

  1. file a further complaint* within six months from receiving the response, that is, upon the expiry of the response deadline, with the National Bank of Serbia - Department for Financial Consumer Protection via post to the address of the National Bank of Serbia, Post Office Box 712, 11000 Belgrade or via the website of the NBS at, by filling in the complaint form available by clicking on the text File a complaint against financial services provider or mediation proposal located on the homepage of the NBS website
  2. initiate a mediation process* before the National Bank of Serbia, for the extrajudicial settlement of the disputed relationship, by sending a mediation proposal in writing to the address of the National Bank of Serbia, at Post Office Box 712, 11000 Belgrade or via email via the website of the NBS at, by clicking on File a complaint against financial services provider or mediation proposal. 

*Note: Legal entities do not have the right to submit a compliant or a mediation proposal if the subject of the complaint is a Loan Agreement, Deposit Agreement, Safe Agreement or an agreement relating to foreign currency, foreign exchange and foreign exchange transactions, agreements on the issue of a guarantee, aval and other form of surety (guarantee business), and other services the Bank provides in accordance with law, with exception to payment services in terms of the law governing payment services. 

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