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Total Agro Account

All your Agricultural Holding needs from a bank in one account.

Open an account online, without having to visit the bank!

One account for your Agricultural Household

What do you get?

  • current account, in RSD and EUR,
  • debit Mastercard®  Direct i Dina card
  • Standing orders free of charge
  • all payments made by eBanking and mBanking are free of charge, including urgent and instant payments
  • FlexSave and Classic savings with accrued interest paid monthly
  • 10 free SMS texts a month informing you about incoming/outgoing account movements and card transactions
  • 5 free of charge cash withdrawals a month from other banks’ ATMs
  • Cash withdrawals at our 24/7 Zones as well as RSD and EUR deposits up to EUR 5,000 per day

All this for very attractive monthly fee!

We put special focus on
5.000 EUR daily limit on our ATMs

With Agro Total account, you can withdrawal or deposit cash on our ATMs in 24/7Self-service Zones up to EUR 5,000 per day, and up to 30.000 EUR with the announcement

Payments and transactions free of charge via eBanking

With Total Agro account you get eBanking i mBanking transaction free of charge, with no limits. 

Free of charge Instant payments with QR code

Pay faster and more efficient using IPS scan or IPS show options in mBanking, free of charge. 

Here is what you need to open an account online
Personal ID card or passport

If you have a personal ID card with a chip, prepare your read personal ID card in order to confirm your place of residence.

Decision on a registered Agricultural Household

Prepare to upload a PDF document at the begging of the account opening process.

Smart phone or computer equipped with a camera

Get comfortable in a quiet, calm space with adequate lighting to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Take 20 minutes out of your day

It takes approximately 10 minutes to fill the form, and than you will be connected with our Online Centre Advisor who will guide you through the video identification process, another 10 minutes.

Not a client of ProCredit Bank yet?

Open an account ONLINE in just 20 minutes and enjoy all the benefits of using our Total Agro Account.