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Why is it OK to go into overdraft?

Because our FlexFund includes an interest rate of just 9% and you can activate it ONLINE!

EIR 9.62%

Why should you choose our FlexFund?
  • Interest rate of just 9% per annum 
  • Overdraft of up to 2 monthly salaries - by defined conditions
  • You pay interest only on the amount you use and the days your account is in overdraft  
  • Processing and approval are free of charge. 
  • Activate the account online, without having to visit the bank!

Open a Total Account Package online, and FlexFund can be available to you as soon as today.

What you need to know

What do I need to open a FlexFund?

Your salary needs to be credited to a ProCredit Bank account. The minimum salary amount is RSD 60,000 and you need to have a good credit history. 
The bank reserves the right to make an individual decision for each client, in accordance with creditworthiness and internal procedures.

How do I activate the overdraft?


Existing clients

All you need to do is to send a FlexFund Application Form via your eBanking application. 

Next, documents will be sent to your inbox (located in your eBanking app) that you will need to sign using a TAN code.

Activation is same-day if the document is signed during business hours.

View our Instructions on how to submit a FlexFund Application Form

New clients

You will sign a FlexFund Agreement when opening a Total Account online, via video identification, the very same day. 

FlexFund is activated on the same day your first salary is credited to your account and once your bank statements for the past 6 months have been submitted by your previous bank. 

Every step happens online, and bank statements are sent by a registered mail address.

How long is FlexFund valid for?

The approved overdraft is valid for 12 months.

You are not required to have a positive account balance to renew your FlexFund, all you need is to continue to fulfil the required conditions. 

Conditions and an example of a FlexFund

FlexFund - an approved account overdraft

  • Minimum salary amount: RSD 60,000
  • FlexFund amount: maximum amount of 2 monthly salaries
  • Loan currency:  RSD
  • Interest rates are fixed and expressed per annum: NIR 9%
  • EIR: 9.62%


    Example of a FlexFund in use
    Overdraft amount in use Number of days in use Total interest on the amount in use 
    30.000 RSD 30 days 225 RSD
    50.000 RSD 30 days 376 RSD


    Additional expenses:

    • Opening and maintaining a Total Account: 595 RSD monthly
    • Cost of a Credit Bureau Report: RSD 246