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ProCredit bank at the Agricultural Fair

We have a special offer available during the Agricultural Fair, for those clients who contact us during this time

Once again, we will be participating in this year’s Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, starting tomorrow, 18 September until 24 September where we will be presenting a special offer intended primarily for legal entities, entrepreneurs and registered agricultural holdings.
As a result of collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and the DFC - USAID, we are able to offer more favourable loans and grants for all clients who fall under the mentioned categories. The main characteristics of all of these loans are quick disbursement and favourable conditions.  

By paying close attention to market trends on the one hand, and understanding our clients’ needs on the other, we have created an offer that aims to help our clients modernise and improve their businesses.  

“We view the Fair in Novi Sad as an opportunity to increase the availability of our services to domestic agricultural producers as well as all other entities linked to this chain.   Over the past year and a half, we have been working diligently on active communication with our clients, while adhering to the existing epidemiological measures.  We will now have the chance to visit our clients in person.  All of these years we have striven to provide our clients with more favourable lending conditions in collaboration with domestic and foreign institutions and funds. Support of this kind was available over the past year as well. The focus of this year’s special offer during the Fair is on more favourable loans in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and the DFC USAID Fund. And at the same time, as has always been the case, our primary focus remains lending to sellers of agricultural machinery, with whom we have collaborated for decades.     The thing that our clients recognise in us is the fact that we too are focused on probing the market on the one side, and on keeping in touch with our clients needs, on the other.   We have formulated our offer in line with this and firmly believe that the visitors to this year’s fair will recognise its significance,” said Ana Milić, Head of the Business Unit at ProCredit Bank. 

This special offer is available to all clients who contact us during the Fair, through any means, should they be prevented from attending the Fair, due to the epidemic. 

Owners of registered agricultural holdings, under the age of 40, women, or people who work in areas in which the working conditions are difficult will have additional benefits along with our standard loans disbursed in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture.    

See you at the Fair!