Terms and Conditions and Examples

Classic savings 

With a monthly accrual of interest and a term period of 12, 18, 25, 36 months, for EUR currency.

An example: Classic savings with a monthly accrual of interest NIR 0.9%, EIR 0.77 %, term deposit of 25 months, EUR currency; Annual interest rates are fixed. Indexing criteria: no criteria. 15% tax. This offer is available through the Total Account package. Minimal amount of EUR 5,000;



Flexible term deposit of savings for 12 months in the EUR currency. Indexing criteria: no criteria.

An example (0.8% interest): Savings amount: no minimum amount. NIR 0.80%, EIR 0.68%. Annual interest rates are fixed. 15% tax. 100% disposal of savings funds enabled. This offer is available through the Total Account package. The withdrawal and deposit of funds is conducted by transferring said funds to the current account in the same currency. In the event of early withdrawal of the term deposit, the client is charged an interest equal to the initially agreed interest for the term deposit.


Agencija za osiguranje depozita

Additional information

  • Interest rates are expressed per annum.
  • Interest rate is fixed.
  • Effective interest rate on FX savings are net and income tax are deducted from the capital income tax in accordance with the Personal Income Tax Law.
  • The aforementioned interest rate is valid for both residents and non-residents.
  • The Bank does not index the deposits of private individuals.
  • The Bank participates in the system of compulsory deposit insurance established in the Republic of Serbia.

For more information on savings, contact our Info Centre at 0112057000 charged according to the price of the caller’s operator.