TDA and FlexSave 

Save with our bank, we offer attractive interest rates:

  • Klasik savings
  • FlexSave


Conditions and Examples

Mastercard® Direct Card

  • Contactless domestic and foreign payments
  • Make up to 5 cash withdraws per month at the ATMs of any bank
  • Make deposits/withdrawals of up to EUR 5,000 per day via Euro ATMs located in our 24/7 Zones (RSD/EUR) 
  • Card valid for a period of 5 years


Internet and Mobile Banking 

  • All transactions free of charge – no fees apply 
  • Constant overview of your personal finances
  • Manage your accounts any time, from anywhere  
  • Transfer funds from your FlexSave account 
  • Receive SMS messages concerning outflow and card transactions – free of charge



  • Interest at just 9% per annum  
  • In the amount of two months’ salary 
  • Pay interest on the overdraft only on days of use   
  • No disbursement fee


Conditions and an example of FleX Funds

Middle Exchange Rate

  • Transfer funds to and from your FX account and RSD accounts
  • Conversion of up to EUR 1,000 per month at the middle exchange rate of the NBS on the day of conversion
  • Possibility of depositing/withdrawing up to EUR 5,000 per day on Euro ATMs located in our 24/7 Zones (RSD/EUR)

Housing Loans

  • No life insurance required
  • No NMIC required
  • Loan account maintenance – free of charge 
  • Possibility of receiving a preliminary decision 

Example of a Housing Loan

Investment Loans 

  • Fixed interest in RSD set at 9%, no down payment required 
  • Loan account maintenance – free of charge 
  • Issued for the housing adaptation/renovation or Energy Efficiency (EE)
  • Use the loan to purchase a car 

Example of an Investment Loan

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