How to save while collaborating with my bank?


Many of us pay large amounts of money for various banking services. And this happens every month. These are usually various fees for transfer orders and payments, fees charged for ATM cash withdrawals and let’s not forget monthly account maintenance fees, internet and mobile banking, etc.

Even when all these ‘minor’ expenses are far from negligible, easily adding up to over RSD 1,000 or even RSD 2,000 per month, most people don’t give these fees a second thought, nor do they think about how much they are paying their chosen bank for their services.  And this can be an issue.

However, a great solution to this awkward situation with ‘minor’ banking fees is to choose the right account package, one that includes all the banking services we need most in our work for our daily needs. Typically, a single monthly fee is paid for these types of account packages, while all services included are most often free of charge. 

In analysing the local market, it is easy to see that many other banks also offer solutions such as these to their clients. More specifically, different packages which, depending on the bank, usually include basic transactional services but also many other benefits which are in many cases not only financial, but benefits such as medical check-ups, minor house repairs and the like.

We have tried to find an account package which is currently among the most favourable on the local market and after careful financial analysis of various offers, we have come across a very interesting package – ProCredit Bank’s Total Account. This is truly a unique account package, which offers clients multiple advantages and here’s why: 

ProCredit Bank’s Total Package contains exactly those banking services which clients use most frequently. Payment cards are issued free of charge, cash can be withdrawn from other banks’ ATMs free of charge, internet and mobile banking are also free of charge, as well as f/x purchase/sale transactions at the median exchange rate, up to the amount of EUR 1,000 per month. This package also includes paying unlimited numbers of bills electronically, free of charge, the use of a savings account (FlexSave), but also an approved overdraft (FlexFund) at the most favourable interest rate available on the market, as little as 9% per annum. And of particular importance is that for all these services included in the Total Account ProCredit charges a symbolic monthly fee of as little as RSD 550, and almost all of the mentioned services are available without any limitations.

Confirming that this fee is truly symbolic is the fact that the Total Account allows all clients to use internet banking and mobile banking completely free of charge, and all electronic transactions are free of charge as well. On the local banking market, simply using electronic platforms includes a minimum charge of RSD 50, while each electronic transfer order includes an additional charge of at least approx. RSD 10. All this means that if, for example, you make at least six payments electronically in one month, this alone will cost you RSD 110 (a RSD 50 service maintenance fee and RSD 60 for executed orders).  

It is important to also add here the monthly account maintenance fee, which is at least RSD 180 in Serbia.

It is also worth mentioning that users of ProCredit Bank’s Total Account have a unique opportunity to make as many as five cash withdrawals at all other banks’ ATMs, free of charge. Other banks typically charge a minimum of RSD 100 per transaction for this service. In addition to all this, Total Account users also are given the opportunity to purchase EUR at the NBS median exchange rate, up to the amount of EUR 1,000 per month, which is a significant benefit since approximately RSD 1 is typically lost for every EUR purchase/sale transaction, due to unfavourable exchange rates. 

Overview of ProCredit Bank’s Total Account benefits

Services ProCredit Bank - Total Account
Current account maintenance fee Free of charge
Standing order Free of charge
Instant transfer orders up to RSD 300,000 All e-banking transactions are free of charge
Payments e-banking Free of charge
Mobile banking monthly fee Free of charge
Payment card issuance fee  Free of charge
Cash withdrawals at other banks’ ATMs 5 cash withdrawals at other banks’ ATMs - free of charge
SMS notification Free of charge
FlexFund FlexFund approval free of charge
Annual interest only 9%
FlexFund up to the amount of two salaries
Additional benefits Purchase of EUR at the NBS median exchange rate
Withdrawal of EUR at ProCredit Bank’s 24/7 Zones


Savings and the most favourable overdraft terms

As proof of the fact that ProCredit Bank’s Total Account offers more than just transactional services is the fact that this package includes two additional services of great interest.

These services are FlexSave and classical term deposits as well as the FlexFund.

Both of these saving models offered to Total Account users are automatically available, and at one of the most attractive interest rates available on the domestic market. A feature of ProCredit Bank’s now well-known FlexSave is that clients are free to manage their money and can also withdraw funds from their savings account and deposit funds whenever they choose to do so, and all this is possible thanks to deposits at multifunctional ATMs at ProCredit Bank 24/7 Zones.

An important benefit of the Total Account is the most affordable overdraft, or FlexFund that ProCredit Bank offers its clients. The overdraft amount in question which is approved to clients is an overdraft of up to two salaries, at the annual interest rate of as little as 9%.

This interest rate has become a major hit on the local market, considering the fact that overdrafts are typically calculated with interest rates as high as 25%, 30% and sometimes even above 30%. This is to say that clients who have a Total Account pay as little as RSD 375 per month for an RSD 50,000 FlexFund, while the standard fee on the market is in excess of RSD 1,000 – which is practically three times as much.