Documentary business

ProCredit Bank offers a wide range of services in the field of documentary business, available to both importers (buyers) and exporters (sellers of goods and services).

With our high quality service and professional advice, we respond to your documentary requirements as quickly as possible to provide the following benefits:

  • reduced risk in the collection of payment for your goods, but also additional security for the quality and quantity of goods you procure
  • faster collection of payment, selling goods in transport
  • documentary products serve as security for other products
  • the ability to work with new suppliers and customers, who will have additional security by checking the documentation presented for payment

We offer the following documentary products at very favourable terms:


A guarantee is a security instrument whereby the bank assumes irrevocable liability to pay to the guarantee beneficiary the amount to which the guarantee is made out if the debtor under the main contract should fail to fulfil or unduly fulfils its contractual obligations.

ProCredit Bank offers all types of guarantees in the country and abroad through the network of its correspondent banks:

  • Guarantees for due payment
  • Guarantees for advance payment refund
  • Performance guarantees
  • Bid bonds
  • Customs bonds
  • Guarantees for due loan repayment

In addition to these guarantees, in which ProCredit Bank is a guarantor, the guarantee confirmation services are also available.

Documentary letters of credit

A documentary letter of credit is the safest instrument in international payment operations, protecting both the seller (exporter) and the buyer (importer).

The buyer is assured that the bank will make payment to the beneficiary if all the conditions of the letter of credit are met, and the seller is protected because the letter of credit for the sold and exported goods can be redeemed without issue.

ProCredit Bank issues and accepts all types of letters of credit for its clients and provides all the necessary information and assistance prior to the arrangement, but also advisory services regarding the fulfilment of the requirements of letters of credit (preparation, review and sending documents for payment).

Our services also include obtaining confirmations of letters of credit.

Documentary incasso

Incasso operations are concluded among international trading parties whereby the exporter submits to the importer the commercial documents (such as invoices, transport documents, etc.) and/or financial documents (e.g. bills of exchange, promissory notes) through its bank.

Documentary incasso is an international payment instrument that is related to the contractual relationship between the importer and the exporter for the dispatched goods.

The importer's bank receives clear instructions from the exporter bank on how to deliver the documents to the importer with payment or with the acceptance of the bill of exchange.    

ProCredit Bank also offers you the following products:

  • Issue of letters of intent
  • Guaranteed bills
  • Registration of credit operations

Relying on the expertise and long-term experience of our employees in the field of documentary business, we can offer you professional advice in selecting suitable documentary products, all with the purpose of quality and timely implementation of your business plans on both domestic and international markets.

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