From now one you can take advantage of most banking services independently and completely whenever it suits you!
Through our new self-service 24/7 Zones located in our branches, you have the opportunity to independently complete your daily transactions with the bank and to do so outside the branch’s regular working hours, as follows:

  • fast and without the need to visit a bank counter
  • easy and simple
  • completely independent
  • efficient
  • safe and comfortable
  • affordable
  • whenever it suits you

The following devices are available at our Self-Service 24/7 Zones:

The self-service 24/7 Zones are now available for independent use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
As a private individual, in order to gain access to all current RSD or EUR accounts and a vista savings in the self-service 24/7 Zones, contact your Advisor at the branch.
For more information and assistance in using the terminals, contact your Advisor at the branch or call 0700 700 000.