Loans for agricultural production improvement

With ProCredit Bank’s credit support you can simply and quickly upgrade and modernise agricultural machinery and equipment, purchase necessary goods and materials, adapt or build new facilities, grow new crops, increase your livestock and carry out other investments. 


Avoid unfavourable foreign exchange rates and save money when purchasing goods and materials.
Prepare for spring or autumn with a simple and fast loan for the purchase of goods and materials – buy seeds and seedlings, fertilisers, crop protection products, motor fuel, livestock feed, fattening livestock, etc

Benefit from ProCredit Bank’s special co-operation agreements

ProCredit Bank has signed co-operation agreements with over 70 well-known manufacturers and suppliers of livestock feed, seedlings and other agricultural goods and materials.
A ProCredit Bank loan for seeds and supplies allows you to make purchases from these suppliers and lets you receive unique benefits– interest rates for the loan are paid by the supplier, so you just have repay the principal.

Loan features and benefits:
  • RSD or indexed loans
  • Bullet repayment for loans with the 12-month maturity
  • Repayment term of up to 36 months
  • Option for seasonal adjustment of the repayment scheme
  • Rapid loan disbursement

Special advantages in cooperation with the Bank’s business partners
ProCredit Bank has signed cooperation agreements with over 70 renowned producers and vendors of livestock feed, seedlings and other intermediate goods for agricultural production. Take advantage of the highly favourable conditions through purchase with a partner bank.
If You purchase with some of them, You are offered a unique benefit – interest costs are fully at the expense of the vendor and You pay only the material purchasing price!
Purchase modern machines for cultivating land and reduce your fuel consumption and significantly lower production losses
Loan features and benefits: 
  • Attractive interest rates for the procurement of machines and equipment from well-known suppliers with co-operation agreements with ProCredit Bank 
  • Repayment term of up to 84 months for indexed loans 
  • Down payment is not mandatory 
  • Credit support for VAT payments
  • Machines purchased with the loan can be put up as collateral 
In co-operation with the bank’s partners, you may purchase tractors, harvesters, attachment machines and equipment at highly favourable conditions from the following ProCredit Bank partners:
Tractors Harvesters and attachment machines
Case Massey Ferguson Case
Claas Mahindra Claas
Deutz Fahr McCormick John Deere
  MTZ Belarus SAMPO
Foton New Holland FENDT
Fendt Rakovica New Holland...
Europard Tafe  
  UMZ Irrigation systems
IMT Zetor Tifon...
John Deere YTO...
Get double savings with energy efficiency loans
A ProCredit Bank energy efficiency loan comes with highly favourable interest rates to help finance the development of agricultural business through new and modern tractors and vehicles. This reduces fuel consumption and increases savings and productivity – while helping to protect the environment.
Loan features and benefits:
  • Fast and simple loan application and disbursement procedures
  • Minimum loan amount: EUR 5,000
  • Long-term indexed loans with a repayment term of up to seven years
  • Interest rates are fixed for the entire term 
  • Choose to adjust your repayment scheme according to the seasonal character of produce – either with monthly, quarterly or semi-annual instalments  
Become the owner of the land you cultivate, expand your land capacity, plan long-term investments and production cycles and avoid expensive and insecure rental agreements
Loan features and benefits:
  • Attractive interest rates 
  • Long-term indexed loan with a repayment term of up to 20 years 
  • Repayment scheme adjusted to your agricultural produce, with monthly, quarterly or semi-annual instalments 
  • Option of deferred payment of up to one year
Long-term indexed loans are available for the purchase of, and improvements to, agricultural facilities – increase your output volumes and create a competitive advantage with your own production and storage capacities and wait for the right market price by storing your products.
Loan features and benefits:
  • Attractive interest rates 
  • Repayment term of up to 15 years 
  • Repayment scheme adjusted to your agricultural produce, with monthly, quarterly or semi-annual instalments
  • Option of deferred payment of up to one year
ProCredit Bank also offers financing for:
  • Loans for building cloches and greenhouses 
  • Loans for increasing the number of livestock 
  • Loans for growing perennial fruits and grapevines 
  • Loans for refinancing your liabilities to other banks