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Biznis eBanking

Online services for legal entities 

Complete most of your transactions ONLINE!!

We have been working long and hard to enable you to do all your banking safely and comfortably, from the comfort of your office or home, whenever it suits you. 

The current epidemiological situation with COVID-19 has somewhat contributed to speeding up this process.

For cash deposits and withdrawals, our 24/7 Zones are available to you non-stop, round the clock. 

Check the list of all the services we offer online to our legal entity clients, without having to visit the bank
Services available via e-mail or by contacting our Online Centre
Changes to account

For changes to the account, send the Request for changes to the account to the following e-mail address:

Depending on the change you are making, our Advisers will contact you to verify the changed data or ask you to send additional documents to complete the process.

Opening an account

To open an account, please send the necessary documentation to the following e-mail address:

Our advisor will contact you and suggest a date for signing the documentation in the branch.

Check more info about our current account

Issuing a Mastercard Business card

To issue any of the above cards, all you have to do is send a Request for a card where you should mark which card you want to be issued to you and forward this document to the following e-mail address:

Registering a bill of exchange

To register a bill of exchange, you need to:

  1. Fill out Bills of exchange registration forms
  2. Sign the filled in form by electronic signature
  3. Send your filled in and signed form (along with scanned copies of the bill(s) of exchange you wish to register) to
Issuing a Release of mortgage

Call our Online Centre at 011 205 7000 or send to the following e-mail to: if you require a Release of mortgage to be issued once your loan has been settled.

Your Release of mortgage will be delivered to your address within a few of days.

Opening an account for a founding investment

Send an e-mail with necessary documentation for opening an account for a founding investment to the following e-mail address: Check necessary documentation here.

A meeting at the bank will be scheduled for you in the available time, in order to sign the documentation.