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Online loans in RSD 

up to 600.000 RSD, without having to visit the bank.

Follow these 4 steps and apply for a loan
Calculate your loan installment

Enter the desired loan amount and the number of months for which you want to repay it.

Take a look at Loan conditions and representative example.

Enter your personal and income information

You need to have a minimum salary of 60,000 RSD and transfer your earnings to ProCredit Bank.

Attach a bank statement for the last 6 months

For the realization of the loan, it is necessary to be employed permanently for at least 6 months.

If you do not currently have statements ready with you, you can submit them later, before the loan is realized.

If you are not already a bank client, prepare a read ID card for online account opening

Online account opening is carried out by video identification via a camera on your phone or computer.

Learn how to open an account online.

Apply for a loan up to 600.000 RSD
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Mesečna rata
kalkulator je informativnog karaktera i nije obavezujuć za banku

Reprezentativni primer Kredita za stanovništvo do 600.000 RSD:

Vrsta kredita: kredit za stanovništvo, Valuta kredita: RSD, Kriterijum za indeksiranje: nema, Iznos kredita: do 600,000,00 RSD, Učešće: nema, Period otplate: 12 - 60 meseci, NKS (godišnja, fiksna): 6%, EKS: 6,26%, Instrumenti obezbeđenja: nema, Isplata u skladu sa ugovorom o kreditu. Primer je dat sa transferom zarade na račun koji se vodi kod ProCredit banke i sa korišćenjem Total računa.

Want a bigger loan amount?
Apply for a loan over 600.000 RSD

and realize a loan by coming to the bank.