Investment Loans (in collaboration with the EIB)


ProCredit Bank participates in the EU’s financial support programmes, which provide significant support to SMEs and mid-caps, as well as to various selected projects and other forms of economic activity in Serbia.

These programmes facilitate access to funding required for investment, innovation and other business development activities and enable the creation of new jobs owing to more efficient use of new and existing financial resources, eliminating obstacles to investment and providing projects with visibility and technical support.

In this way, the EU contributes to the improvement of the country’s overall business environment and its development.

Thanks to a credit arrangement with the European Investment Bank (EIB), we can offer you a wide range of highly favourable investment and development loans, specifically designed and tailored to the needs and potential of local businesses.

Mid-term and long-term loans from the EIB credit line are intended for:

  • Investments in fixed assets
  • Investments in permanent working capital
  • Financing tangible and intangible costs relating to a specific investment
  • Financing VAT costs (only if they are non-refundable for the client)

Key loan characteristics:

  • Maximum maturity: 12 years for sole proprietorships and SMEs and 15 years for mid-caps (more than 250 employees)
  • Minimum maturity: 2 years
  • Maximum value of project eligible for financing: EUR 25 million
  • In the event of loan prepayment, the client may not withdraw new EIB funds within the next 6 months

With these loans you can quickly and easily modernise your equipment and machines, purchase new vehicles, and refurbish, purchase or build commercial premises.

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