Apex credit line


Thanks to a credit arrangement with the European Investment Bank (EIB), with the mediation of the National Bank of Serbia, we can offer you a wide range of highly favourable loans for investment and development, designed and tailored to the needs and potential of local entrepreneurs: the Apex programme.

Mid-term and long-term loans from this credit line are intended for:

  • Investments in fixed assets
  • Investments in permanent working capital
  • Financing tangible and intangible costs relating to a specific investment
  • Financing VAT costs (only if they are non-refundable for the client)

Key loan characteristics:

  • Minimum repayment period: 2 years
  • Maximum repayment period: 3 years for working capital, 7 years for fixed assets
  • Maximum value of project eligible for financing: EUR 25 million
  • In the event of loan prepayment, the client may not withdraw new EIB funds within the next 6 months

With these loans you can quickly and easily modernise your equipment, purchase new vehicles, and refurbish, purchase or build commercial premises.

Who is eligible for APEX loans?

APEX loans are intended for:

  • small and medium sized enterprises and entrepreneurs, which are registered in line with the law governing the registration of corporate entities,
  • companies with medium market capitalisation,
  • as well as prioritised projects – ‘Wester Balkans’ Youth Employment’.

Eligibility requirements

  • the number of full-time employees (with indefinite employment contract) prior to the project (investment) is under 250 (SME), or
  • the number of full-time employees (with indefinite employment contract) prior to the project (investment) is above 250 and under 3,000 (the so-called MidCap companies, with medium market capitalisation).

Benefits of APEX loans

Clients who take part in this programme will be approved loans at the interest rate which is by at least 50 basis points lower than interest rates offered for bank loans without EIB’s participation and by at least 80 basis points lower for Western Balkans’ Youth Employment projects.
Thanks to these loans, you may in no time and simply modernise your equipment and machinery, purchase new vehicles, refurbish, buy or construct commercial premises. For more information about the InnovFin programme, please contact your client advisor or the Infocentre.

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