ProCredit Bank has begun approving loans backed by government grants for the purchase of machinery and equipment 

Government grants covering as much as 25% of the value of the planned investment await you at ProCredit Bank again this year.

Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to modernise your operations with the aid of a government grant and an affordable loan from ProCredit Bank.

ProCredit Bank’s branches have begun accepting and processing applications from domestic business owners interested in the very affordable loans backed by government grants which cover as much as 25% of the value of the purchase of machinery and equipment.

The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia has again chosen ProCredit as its partner in the programme of support to small enterprises through which the government will approve grants to domestic companies in the amount of RSD 2 billion.

This programme envisages that for the planned procurement of production equipment, companies will provide at least 5% of the value of the equipment to be purchased, in order to receive 25% of the funds necessary from the Republic of Serbia budget (min. RSD 500,000.00, max. RSD 5,000,000.00), and the remaining 70% of the investment is financed by affordable loans approved by ProCredit Bank.

Micro, SMEs are eligible for these grants. The funds available through this programme will be used exclusively for the procurement of new production equipment and machinery, the purchase of transportation vehicles included in production processes, for investments in the procurement of new parts, special tools used to service machinery and other capital goods, and the procurement of construction machinery and machinery and equipment used to improve energy efficiency and production efficiency regarding ecological aspects. 
We are certain that you are familiar with the purpose of the programme via other programmes of a similar nature; however, we would once again like to mention that micro, SMEs can expect to receive this type of government support via the co-financing of the procurement of new production equipment and construction machinery as follows:  

1) production equipment and/or machinery;
2) transportation and handling vehicles included in production processes and internal transportation;
3) parts, special tools for servicing machinery and other capital goods;
4) construction equipment used to perform construction works;
5) possibility of financing machinery and equipment for improving energy efficiency and own production efficiency regarding ecological aspects
Collaboration with our Bank is characterised by experience, speed, efficiency and success in implementation, and in this regard we invite you to contact us quickly due to the limited budget, and submit a loan application to ProCredit Bank.

As in previous years, these grant funds are received on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis, as the Ministry forms a list in this manner. We are pleased to inform you that the percentage of realised applications submitted to the Ministry, which were first approved by ProCredit Bank’s Credit Committee, is almost 100%. 
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