Mastercard Exquisite


The first business card with premium services for those managing successful businesses, conceptualised so that any business travel or family trip, flight or stay abroad is more comfortable, more fun and easier.


Why is it crucial to explain the meaning of the word Exquisite?


According to ProCredit terminology, we define this term as a selection of that which is exceptional!

Furthermore, examples that match this definition are: an exceptional card, exceptional service and an exceptional selection of all benefits that a successful business owner needs, including his/her environment, his/her business partners and family.


ProCredit Bank has packaged all of the above into a card that offers premium services:


  • Concierge Programme - the support of a team of personal assistants with knowledge of the most attractive places worldwide
  • LoungeKey access to Lounge Zones in over 1,000 airports all over the world
  • Boingo Wi-Fi free internet access worldwide
  • Insurance with global coverage including the card holder’s family, without having to participate in damages
  • Free access to the Belgrade, Sarajevo and Vienna lounges and the use of priority passage at the Belgrade airport
  • Additional discounts in a large number of shops, hotels, rent-a-car agencies, etc.

Concierge Programme


The Concierge Programme is another name for the team of supportive personal assistants who are exceptionally knowledgeable in terms of hotels, restaurants and the most attractive tourist locations worldwide, ready for you, as a Mastercard Exquisite card user, who are ready to adequately guide and advise you and help with the following:


  • Make reservations at prestigious restaurants
  • Find you an appropriate hotel
  • Purchase a gift for a loved one
  • Discover great places to have fun


Using Concierge services


To take advantage of these services and ask for the assistance of a concierge agent, all you need to do it to call this number

mob tel

 011 2057 075
 charged according to the price of the caller’s operator


After identification, you will receive a call from the concierge agent who will respond to your request or answer any questions that you may have. 



Category of services for which you may use concierge assistance



(Find a restaurant that suits you and your taste buds. Vegetarian, seafood, Italian or a Michelin star restaurant)


(Make a reservation according to criteria which are important to you)


(Don’t miss out, whether it’s a long-awaited film, concert, play or an important game)


(Travel carefree as you will always have the support you need in planning your trip as well as all of the right information)

Accommodation - excluding hotels

Accommodation - excluding hotels
(If you’re not a big fan of hotels or wish to experience a new kind of getaway, find out more about available suites, villas, log cabins, farms, cottages, and even private islands)

Sport - excluding tickets

Sport - excluding tickets
(Visit a golf club or tennis centre. Try taking scuba diving or horseback riding classes or visit your favourite football team’s stadium)


(Don’t waste time looking for information about your closest mechanic or automobile service centre, property for rent, any IT concerns or legal aid, etc.) Request concierge assistance to complete your search)

Deliverable services

Deliverable services
(Courier services, task performing (within the company), delivery of flowers, food and drinks, gift ideas for your loved ones, as well as postal, transport, logistics services and movers are all available to you)

Event organisation and decoration

Event organisation and decoration



LoungeKey is a service which allows you to access special business lounges at numerous airports, with much greater comfort of service and the opportunity to spend time in a pleasant environment until take off. 


Access to Lounge Zones is available with:


  • A digital LoungeKey card located in the LoungeKey App or via a
  • Mastercard Exquisite card issued by ProCredit Bank


In order to take advantage of the numerous benefits LoungeKey offers, register via the official LoungeKey website and download the LoungeKey App.


Registration process


Registration is completed in two steps:


1. Card verification through data entry

2. Personal data entry  

If you have successfully entered all of your data you will receive confirmation on your screen stating that you have successfully created an account. Your username and password will be sent to the email address you provided. Use these credentials to log in to your account via the LoungeKey website or via the LoungeKey App.


If you forget your Username or Password, all you need to do is to get in touch with our contact centre and we will reset your account.


LoungeKey account

Your personal LoungeKey account includes:

  • Information on prior visits to Lounge Zones
  • The ability to locate all available Lounge Zones in your area (and airports you will be visiting)
  • Ability to save your favourite locations
  • An overview of any discounts you may have earned


Lounge areas

Upon entering a longue, your card will be:

  • Scanned if you have installed a digital card via the LoungeKey App
  • Swiped if you chose to use your Mastercard Exquisite card for identification purposes


Have your airline ticket or passport ready as one of the lounge staff may ask to see them.



Costs and benefits


As the owner of a Mastercard Exquisite card, taking advantages of the benefits of the Lounge Zone is free of charge at the following airports: Belgrade, Sarajevo and Vienna.

You may have with you an unlimited number of people as your guests when visiting a Lounge Zone, noting that the use of the Lounge Zone is charged to the cardholder for each person who enters as his/her guest.

At all other locations (with the exception of Belgrade, Sarajevo and Vienna) entry into the Lounge Zone is also charged to holders of a Mastercard Exquisite card. 


Boingo Wi-Fi


The Boingo Wi-Fi service gives you the opportunity to use the internet free of charge at over a million hotspots worldwide, which allows you to be in constant contact with your colleagues, but also with your loved ones no matter when you are travelling or what your destination is.


A wi-fi connection is available at various locations such as hospitality facilities (restaurants, hotels, cafes), arenas, sports centres, transportation services, airports and even while flying with certain airlines.


All you need to do to make this service available to you is to register and activate your Biongo account via the following website:


Registration process


Registration is completed in two steps:


  • Card verification through data entry
  • Personal data entry


Use the defined credentials (username and password) to log in to the Boingo Wi-Finder App to find your nearest hotspot.


You can install this App onto your laptop, tablet or mobile phone regardless of whether you are an iOS or Android user.



One of the premium services provided with the exclusive Mastercard Exquisite card is full travel insurance coverage available worldwide. In collaboration with DDOR Insurance, we provide you with a carefree stay abroad with no additional fees. This travel insurance policy covers your immediate family when accompanying you. 


Your travel insurance policy includes: 


  • Travel assistance services
  • Medical assistance services
  • The payment of medical expenses due to a sudden accident or illness
  • Medical evacuation and repatriation organisation and payment services
  • Legal assistance

Coverage amounts to EUR 15,000 and is valid for 90 days within one year of the duration of the insurance


Prior to your trip, you must register the members of your family who will be travelling with you. Use their valid passports and your payment card to register them via Immediate family members may be: a spouse or common-law partner, as well as children up to 18 years of age.*


For all additional information, contact DDOR via their toll-free number at 0800 303 301.


*According to the Insurance Terms and Conditions, up to three children under the age of 8 are covered.