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Nikola Jokić in the new campaign of ProCredit Bank

PROfessionals recognize each other

One of the best basketball players in the world, Nikola Jokić, and ProCredit Bank announce cooperation on a new project.

Nikola Jokić, who in the previous two seasons was named MVP and four times NBA All-Star, will be the main actor of the new ProCredit Bank campaign in Serbia for the next 18 months.

"Considering that I myself am a satisfied client of ProCredit Bank, I would first of all define the project as a partnership. I'm really glad to be a part of this story and I'm looking forward to the TV spot that will be aired soon," says the Denver player.

Nikola Jokić is considered to be in the top ten on the list of NBA players of all time with the most triple-doubles, and he also set the record for the fastest triple-double of all time in the NBA. Even though he is one of the most famous and successful athletes in the world, he preserved his naturalness, authenticity and relaxation, which was particularly evident during the filming of the video in Sombor, the city where Nikola feels best.

Nikola Jokić

"We are extremely glad and very proud that Nikola Jokić will play the main role in our new TV spot." We wanted to show "the ease of living". Because, many things can be easy when you find a partner bank that suits you - modern, professional, one that always gives its best. We are a bank that strives to always set records, so our cooperation with Jokić, who has many records and successes behind him, was a logical sequence of circumstances. Due to the fact that Nikola is a great professional in his work, just as we try to be, as well as due to the fact that we share very similar values, we believe that our partnership, in this project, is a perfect match," said Igor Anić. , President of the Executive Board of ProCredit Bank in Serbia.


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