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New higher interest rates during savings month

ProCredit bank until 31.01. offers a nominal interest rate up to 3.5% on term deposits in euros

ProCredit Bank has increased the amount of available interest on EURO term deposits, which are now up to 3.5% (EIR 2.8%). This stimulative measure was introduced by the bank to promote the idea of saving among the genera public, and this increase refers to all categories of savings in foreign currency. The opportunity to save under these conditions is available to both domestic and foreign private individuals and enterprises and the bank has also left the door open to providing special conditions in certain situations. 

The interest rate on offer of 3.5% (EIR 2.89%) for 36-month term deposits is particularly attractive, while the interest rate for the somewhat reduced period of 25 months amounts to 3% (EIR 2.5%). The interest rates which apply to 18 and 12-month periods is also quite stimulative – 2.7% and 2.5% (EIR 2.25% and 2.12%). In certain cases, ProCredit may offer special, personalised conditions when larger deposits are made for longer periods. 

These special conditions, available during savings month are valid only on new deposits, in the minimum amount of EUR 5,000.00. The offer is available through our Free, Basic and Total package account

“At ProCredit Bank, we believe that money is always safest when it is kept in the bank, if you no plans to  invest within a specific period. The current situation on the market indicates that these are some of the most competitive interest rates available, which is why now is a convenient time to take advantage of these promotional term deposits conditions.” - says the Chairperson of the Executive Board at ProCredit Bank, Igor Anić. 

As a bank with German capital, ProCredit is recognised for its stability which cultivates a savings culture.    This year, ProCredit Bank once again received the highest possible investment rating in Serbia from Fitch Ratings, one of the largest rating agencies in the world. 


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