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NEW - Faster and Easier Loan Refinancing

Refinance your liabilities with another bank faster and easier - without having to visit the bank.

The National Bank of Serbia has issued Instructions allowing you to switch banks easily and to refinance your loan liabilities with a bank that offers the terms which suit you best.     We will assume all communication with the bank whose loan you wish to refinance, right up until loan closure.  

Refinance all of your loan liabilities with us, whether they be a loan, credit card debt or an overdraft.

When submitting a loan refinancing application, grant us authorisation and we will obtain a statement of debt balance, as well as all the information required for refinancing from your previous bank. We will be in direct contact with this bank until such time as the refinancing loan is disbursed to our bank and early repayment of the loan is settled with your previous bank. 

You are not required to visit your previous bank, we will do all the paperwork for you. All you need to do is to submit a refinancing loan application with our bank.

These Instructions apply to private individuals, entrepreneurs and agricultural producers.

To find out more about refinancing your loan liabilities call our Online Centre at  0700 700 000 or 011 2057 000 (call charged according to the caller’s operator fee).