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With a loan for renovation and adaptation, equipping an apartment or house is now even easier

One loan for all your needs!

We all have our boiling point, the point where we say: “Enough is enough!” This happened to you yesterday when you noticed another cracked tile in your bathroom.  Renovating a bathroom is no small expense, but you’re determined to have the bathroom of your dreams. And you can already envisage it - a large glass wall-to-wall shower, a large’re thinking of having massage nozzles installed, then somehow you start thinking about new kitchen cupboards and a utility room where you can have a custom-made cupboard installed.  Yes, this all costs quite a lot, but you have been putting it off for years and now it’s time to make some changes!

Change in the form of a renovation and adaptation loan is just a few clicks away. We’re serious - just a few clicks away, because we are an online bank. But before you submit an application, we want to present all the different types of adaption, renovation and furnishing loans we have on offer. Or rather, the only loan you will need is the: loan for private individuals.

And why is our loan for private individuals an excellent choice when renovating, furnishing or adapting your home?

  • With one loan, you can cover all your needs - whether they be to purchase new furniture, a new dish washer, a new shower cabin or to adapt the second floor of your house - you will do it all with just one loan
  • For amounts up to RSD 600,000 everything is done online - from submitting your application, to submitting documentation, to loan disbursement - everything, without having to visit the bank
  • For amounts exceeding RSD 600,000 you are required to make just one trip to the bank, on the disbursement date - and, after all, what is one visit to the bank in comparison to the changes that you have been waiting so long to make?

Depending on your needs and wants, it is necessary that you make your calculations - this is the easiest way to resolve your problem - that is, to know how much you will need to make the desired changes.


Furnishing a flat or house loan

If you have decided to refreshen your living space, we are sure that you will be able to do so with a smaller loan amount, and we have the solution to your problem here.  A new living room set, the king size bed you’ve been dreaming about or a modern kitchen - you can do all of this quickly and easily with our loan for private individuals. Change is good every once in a while, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to grab that couch while it’s still on sale!

Renovating a flat or house loan

Renovating takes a bit more time, you have to hire workers, there is a lot of noise, and there are more expenses, which may differ, depending on whether one part of the flat (bathroom) is being renovated or the entire space.  Houses are usually larger, meaning they require more work and it’s all more expensive. If you are planning to redo your hardwood floors, retile your bathroom, add on a child’s room and enclose your balcony in glazed windows, we recommend you click here to submit your application.

Adapting a flat or house loan

You’ve been dreaming for some time now of building a walk-in closet in your flat? It would be great to adapt the ground floor of your house to a commercial space for your small business? You’re anxious because there is a lot of work to be done - putting up new walls, ventilation, plumbing and so much more. There’s no need to be because with our adaptation loan, all of your worries are covered. Again, the expenses will vary depending on the amount of work that needs to be done, so it’s best to put it all down on paper and to negotiate with workers. While you’re doing the math, take a look at all you need to know concerning an adaptation loan.

Adaptation and renovation with an energy efficiency loan

It’s not enough to just make your space ‘pretty’, it’s important to invest in crucial changes - replace doors and windows, new insulation, etc. Maybe you didn’t know, but with these types of changes, your home becomes energy efficient!  We offer our energy efficiency loan, with a return of up to 20%! When you insulate your home, replace doors and windows you will automatically cut your expenses. Isn’t this great!? And when you’re thinking about making these kinds of big changes it doesn’t hurt for us to mention heating pumps and solar panels too.  

So, do you just want to renovate your bathroom or would you like to make some other changes as well?