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With a loan to purchase PVC windows/doors and a refund of up to 20% on your investment - it’s finally possible!

Investing in energy efficiency today is much more affordable (and easier) than it was 10 or 20 years ago. Technology is constantly improving and the end target is good functionality, savings and energy conservation and environmental protection, of course. 

One way of making your home energy efficient is to take out an EE loan with ProCredit Bank, and you’ll receive up to 20% of your money back.

What does this mean exactly? If you choose, for example, to finance the replacement of your windows and doors with our loan, you’ll receive a refund of up to 15% back, but if you decide to invest in EE lighting as well, you’ll receive up to 20% back!  

How does it work? Once your loan is approved and all works have been completed, apply for your refund online. Your account will be credited within 60 days.

EE loans are most often used to install PVC or aluminium joinery (windows/doors), as these loans are often smaller, and you can complete the entire process online.  This is an EE solution which brings with it concrete savings and allows for optimal temperature setting of your house or flat.

Why choose PVC joinery

Every couple of years, it’s the same story. You once again have to sand, paint and varnish your woodwork. Besides being a complicated and boring job, it takes a long time and when you finish, you realise that all this work does nothing to increase the efficiency of your windows. In the winter, it’s always cold, in the summer, too hot (regardless of the fact that your A/C is always on!). 
Has the moment finally arrived for you to solve this issue with your outdated and old woodwork? Are PVC windows and doors the right choice?


PVC joinery is made of polyvinyl chloride, or more simply put, a specific type of plastic. This means that PVC windows and doors don’t need to be protected with various varnishes and anti-rot agents, and thus, there’s no need to paint or sand them, which is the case with wooden joinery.  In translation - all you need is a rag, and in two or three swipes of the hand, your windows are done! 


Because they are made of plastic, PVC joinery is exceptionally durable. Polyvinyl chloride is an extremely durable material, resistant to weather conditions such as snow, frost and rain, and its shape does not deform over time or peal (resistant to rotting), as is the case with wood. This material is fire resistant, which is one of its key advantages. What’s more, this material is resistant to chemical corrosion. So, as they say - you have peace of mind!

Reduced expenses

You’re asking yourself - How? Insulation is the key word here. PVC windows and door provide sound thermal, as well as noise insulation.  PVC windows are double or triple glazed, with inert gas in between panes, and for this reason they are able to insulate the home in winter, and keep the heat out in summer.  This, in turn, means that your heating (or cooling) bills are lower! In addition to the fact that PVC joinery is an energy efficient solution, they reduce noise pollution from outside. The type of glazing installed plays a huge role here.


Doors and windows manufactured from this material offer the highest amount of security.  PVC joinery has very complex locking systems, and metal rods are placed inside windows and doors that provide added security.  

Visual Appeal

Because this material is easily adaptable, PVC joinery can be manufactured in various shapes and colours.  If you would like something that has more of a natural wood-like appearance, there are various prints available to achieve this. So, let your imagination run wild!


PVC joinery is more affordable in comparison to its wood or aluminium counterpart. The reason for this is that these products are mass produced and the material itself is affordable.  Furthermore, this material is easily recyclable, and natural materials (such as wood) are not consumed, given that the material in question is man-made. 

The good news is that with us, absolutely everything is done online. So, quick, easy and simple. 
Make yourself a cup of coffee, get comfy in your favourite chair and carefully read up on everything you want to know about our Energy efficiency loan, with a return of up to 20%.

It’s simple and definitely worth it.