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Google pay - Contactless payments via mobile phone, now available at ProCredit bank

What is Google Pay and how you can use it?

Nowadays, making contactless payments via mobile phone is a digital age-appropriate way of making fast, safe and convenient contactless payments, which is why Android smart phone users will be happy to hear that Google Pay has arrived in Serbia!  ProCredit Bank, as one of the first digital banks on the domestic market, is among the first to offer this service to its clients. 

Smart phones are called ‘smart’ for a reason.  Not only can they be used to make phone calls, send messages, post content on social media, record the number of steps you’ve made today, create presentations for work, read books or surf the net, you can also use them to make payments! Mobile devices (which are always with us these days) are used by more and more people to make payments in shops, online and through various applications.  Recognising a need, Google has made it possible for its users to pay via mobile phone (or smart watch) through      Google Pay. This service consolidates everything needed when making payments and protects payment transaction information. Given that this is a new option in our country, it’s normal to have additional questions. Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions in the text below. 

What does it mean to make a ‘contactless payment’ via mobile phone through the Google Pay service?

When we say ’contactless payment’, a payment method performed via a mobile phone with the help of the Google Pay option, we are talking about a method that is technically the same as payment via a payment card. In both cases, NFC technology applies.  NFC stands for ‘Near-Field Communication’. This term was coined due to the fact that in order for information to be exchanged between devices, they cannot be more than just a few centimeters apart. POS terminals, used to perform contactless payments, function according to the principle of radio waves, meaning they have built-in transmitters and receivers. When you tap your card against a POS terminal, data is exchanged and the transaction is performed. Since latest-generation Android phones are equipped with NFC technology, all you need to do is to tap your phone on the POS terminal and – voilà! 

How do I set up Google Pay on my smart phone?

Users will be able to store credit or debit cards for Google Pay within Google Wallet, a digital wallet that is also launching in Serbia today.  You can easily download the Google Wallet app from      Google Play.  The app is free of charge and won’t take up too much memory. 
Once you’ve downloaded the application, click on the ‘+’ sign to add your ProCredit Mastercard credit or debit card. And that’s it – shopping has never been easier.

How do I set up Google Pay on my smart watch?

If you have Android Wear 2.0 installed on your smart watch, you can already use Google Pay to make payments. First you need to set up the application on your Android phone, then choose the card you wish to make payments with – all you need to do next is to choose the app on your watch, then tap it against a POS terminal. You also have the option here to add a password, for additional safety.

What can I use Google Pay for?

Use it to make all sorts of contactless payments via your mobile phone and/or smart watch.  Say goodbye to searching for your wallet in your bag! Say goodbye to searching for your card! All you need to have with you is your smart phone, and this we are certain, is something you have with you at all times. 

Can I link more than one card to Google Pay?

Google Pay is unlimited, not like your wallet, which only has a certain number of card slots. So, add as many cards as you like. All you need to do is to select the card you wish to pay with before making a payment. Then, isn’t paying by phone, like, the best?

Do I need to enter a PIN when making payments through Google Pay?

Like with contactless cards, it’s the same when paying by phone through Google Pay – you don’t need to enter a PIN when making relatively smaller payments. In principle, this depends on the POS terminal’s bank used by the merchant.   Right now, this limit ranges from RSD 3,000 to RSD 5,000.  At ProCredit Bank, the limit is set at RSD 5,000. 

Is it safe to make contactless payments using my phone through the Google Pay service?

In order to perform a contactless payment, your card or phone need to be very close to the POS terminal, no further than a few centimeters away, at the most. Also, you must have at some point leaned your card incorrectly against the POS terminal and it failed to recognize the card – which also indicates that the card (and the phone) needs to be in a specific position in order to execute the transaction. What’s more, each transaction that you make is individually coded – so, the person on the other side of the POS terminal does not have access to your personal information. 

If you’re paying via mobile phone, that is, through Google Pay, when the transaction is made, a 16-digit generated number is sent, not your personal information, nor the data contained on your debit or credit card.  So, your personal information remains safe.  

What do I do if I lose my phone?

If you lose your Android phone or it is stolen, you should do the same thing you would do if your card was lost – contact the bank to have your card blocked.  If you lose your phone, you can try to find it by activating the ‘Find My Device’ option. This may help you recover your lost device. The good thing about Google Pay is that it doesn’t store your card details or your personal information, so if someone does steal your phone or finds it, they will not be able to access this information, even if your phone is unlocked. In addition, as we’ve already said, the limit to which contactless payments can be made is RSD 5,000, which means the thief will be unable to easily and quickly spend larger sums of money, which will be prevented once you notify the bank to block your card.  In the event of theft or loss of a card, someone will be able to make payments using your card, in smaller sums, an unlimited number of times (or at least until you notice that you have been robbed, that is, until you notify the bank to block your card), while this differs with the Google Pay option – if someone finds your phone and attempts to make a payment, they will only be able to make two successive payments, while if they try a third time, they will be asked to enter the PIN. 

So, what are you waiting for? Download Google Wallet. What will your first purchase be via mobile phone?