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Find out why you are always ‘first in line’ with a digital bank

Nowadays, we rarely take out an encyclopedia because information is just a few clicks away on our phones. Even the Encyclopedia Britannica, one of the world's most comprehensive encyclopedias, has stopped publishing in print and is now available exclusively online. 

However, where banking is concerned, many are still wary or have dilemmas about moving to online banking.  The most common reason for worry is that the traditional banking approach is safer.  Is this accurate? The answer is NO. Digital banking is equally safe, as safe as traditional banking, and offers a multitude of advantages. And why is this? Find out in the following text.

What is digital banking?

Digital or online banking is when a bank adapts its operations to you and your schedule. Simply put - banking services are available to you always and everywhere, at any time. Use them whenever it suits you. Regardless of whether you are at home, at work, on vacation in Greece - all you need to have is a phone (tablet or laptop) and a reliable internet connection. Everything you do is done in real time and you are always ‘first in line’, because there is no bank counter! With just two clicks, transfer money from a current to a foreign currency account, pay you bills via eBanking, you can even open an account online. 

Digital banking isn’t yet the standard in our corner of the world, as is the case with the West, and it’s no wonder that many still have questions or concerns. However, we do live quickly, with our jobs, families and all the other obligations we have, the last thing we need is to wait in long queues in order to pay a loan instalment.  If technology has made many aspects of our lives easier, why would we still maintain such a formal relationship with our bank? Digital banking is faster, easier, and equally safe as the traditional banking approach. The difference is in the user experience, and once you experience the comfort offered by an online bank, you will never go back. 

How does digital banking function?

With the development of the internet and technology, we have changed the way we think and have gained access to new services, one being digital banking. Technology and the internet have always had an impact on banking services, but over the past few years, things have moved forward at an alarming rate.  In the 21st century, the most valuable gift is time and precisely because of this, big changes are happening - it used to be that the client had to adapt to the Bank, now the bank adapts to the client. Digital banking offers the same traditional services, but with additional advantages, the most obvious of which is saving time. In order for things to function properly you need to have a phone and a good internet connection. Basically, the bank’s website and additional apps, such as mobile or internet banking, have replaced the branch and physical contact, so now you have your bank in the palm of your hands!   

What features does this offer?

Opening an account online

Say goodbye to queuing and having to sign a heap of papers, because you can open a bank account with ProCredit from the comfort of home, in just 10 minutes with the assistance of video identification.  All you need is a personal ID card or passport, mobile phone and a stable internet connection! The process of opening an account is simple, quick and reliable. Click here to review the entire process. 

Mobile and internet banking

With mobile and internet banking, the bank is available to you always and everywhere! The best thing of all is that the apps are absolutely free of charge, and can be downloaded from your Apple Store, Google Play store or from Huawei AppGallery app.  We promise, the mBankar app is easy to use, and everything else you need to know is available to you here. 


Internet banking functions in the same way as the mBankar app, in that it has additional features - and what are the benefits of it, see here here.


Saving under your mattress is a thing of the past, and using piggy banks is passé. There is a perfect way to save your money, and that is through our FlexSave. Digital banking is flexible, meaning you can start saving without a set minimum amount and without having to visit the bank! This type of saving is similar to a term deposit, in that you can pay in and withdraw money whenever you need to. The best thing of all is that you can do all of this over the phone. It all sounds interesting to you, but you’re still uncertain about opting for FlexSave at ProCredit Bank? The answer to your dilemma is waiting for you here.

Website forms - submitting an application form, complaint

We have already mentioned that an application can be submitted via eBanking, but you can also do this via our website. You no longer have to run to a branch to check whether or not you are eligible for a loan; simply submit an application via our website and you will receive an answer by email or call from one of our colleagues in the Online Centre.  Have a complaint? Submit a complaint, explain the issue to us, and we promise to respond to you in the shortest possible time, and will make an effort to resolve your issue!

Social media

Whoever says that apps such as Instagram and Facebook are just for looking up fashion, fun and exchanging messages with friends is surely not a ProCredit Bank client. When we say we are a bank that operates 100% online, that is exactly what we mean. For this reason, we are available to you on all social media networks, 24 hours a day. Send us a message, and you will receive a response faster than you think! What’s more, there is also our Viber Community where you can keep up with everything new that we offer as an online bank.

Mobile wallet

A bank at the palm of your hands? No, this is not Sci-Fi, or a metaphor.  This is a reality. We may be a bit repetitive, but once again we’ll repeat that all you need to have in order to become the client of our digital bank is a telephone and the internet, and we are sure that you have both, if you are reading this text.  The features provided by online banking truly are fantastic, and one of them is paying by mobile phone. Forget your wallet and searching for the right card because with Apple Pay and Google Pay you can make payments quickly, elegantly, and as we like to say “Like a PRO!”.

Payments by QR code

Have we already mentioned how easy the mBankar app is to use and what features it includes? Well, we forgot to mention a really great one, and that is the QR code payment option! How? Easy - tap, scan and it’s done! At ProCredit, you can use this feature to pay your bills, but also make payments at any point of sale with an IPS sign, up to RSD 300,000. For those who are not very familiar with this form of payment, additional info can be found here.

Online Centre

Are you the type of person that finds it easier to explain things over the phone? Not a problem, because our Online Centre is here for you. Our colleagues are here to answer any questions. What to do if an issue arises on a Sunday? Not to worry, we have already mentioned that we are available on social media 24/7 - and yes, that means on Sundays too!

24/7 Zones

Sometimes it’s a good idea to take a walk, and regardless of all the gadgets and improvements in technology, cash is still not a thing of the past. You can do all your banking independently and comfortably in our 24/7 Zones.  Click here to see what devices are available to you 24/7 a day!

And now, if all this still isn’t enough to convince you that digital banking is all that you need, then we recommend you read this text again and do so while you are queuing.