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10 days away from your new flat

There is one place where we can feel and act naturally, relax, like the king/queen of our own castle. This place is called home. This is our microcosmos, the place where we are free, our safe haven, tucked away from the external world. Our home is the place we long to return, even when we go away on a long-awaited trip. This is the place where we can dance like no one is watching. These four walls are painted in our colours, to our taste and every time we snuggle up in them, it’s as though they are saying “Everything is going to be okay”.

Unless you’ve inherited a small fortune, we are all facing the same dilemma - how can I purchase my own home; that magical place that belongs only to me? 

The path to homeownership used to be a drawn-out process. It would take months and took away from those initial feelings of excitement and happiness. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. Now, you are just ten days away from being handed over the key to your new, perfect home. How? Via one of our housing loans. 

Over the past two years, we have done our best to simplify all the steps required in the process of taking out a housing loan, and the entire unpleasant experience has been turned into a sure thing - clear steps, minimum documentation requirements and just one visit to the bank
Here’s how this works at ProCredit Bank.

The first step is to submit an application via our website. It is enough to provide your basic information and  24 hours later, you will receive a call from one of our Advisors.  

Together, you will go through everything you need for the loan - from loan conditions, to documentation. And you will exchange telephone numbers with your Advisor, so that you have support available to you, even if you have questions later on in the process that need answering.  

In principle, the main documentation concerning housing loans is your Personal ID card, Excerpt from the Cadastre Register for the real estate you plan to purchase, as well as a bank statement that includes the deposit amounts of your previous 6 salaries.  Submit all documents scanned, by email and without having to visit the bank.

And this is all you need to initiate the housing loan approval process. Once you receive a response, the Bank will hire an appraiser on your behalf, to assess the real estate that is to be a pledge against the loan.

The process takes 10 days, and a visit to the bank will be necessary just once in order to sign the Loan Agreement, when you will bring in your original documentation that you had submitted earlier in electronic form. On the same day that you sign the Loan Agreement, you will also sign the Purchase/Sale Agreement for the flat, and the funds will be transferred to the seller’s account. 

So, what do you say? How does it feel when you know you can get a loan from ProCredit Bank in just ten days? 

We have a secret to share with you. Taking out a housing loan is in fact the easier part of the process of buying a flat. Everything that awaits you after approval is granted by far more complicated and requires a lot more effort on your behalf - what colour will your walls be, what type of floor tiles are best, buying furniture, then designing up your space. 

However, we are sure that you will enjoy all of this, as these are the details that reflect your taste and personality, in this castle that is now all yours.