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Apple Pay service is a contactless payment technology for Apple mobile devices or Apple Watch, providing ProCredit Bank clients with a quick, simple and safe way to make payment transactions. 

Today, Apple Pay is the most popular payment app in the world, particularly in North America and Europe.

To activate Apple Pay services, all you need is a ProCredit Bank Mastercard payment card and to add this card to the Wallet app, which is an integral part of iOS’s operating system. 


Apple Pay


Conditions for activating Apple Pay services?

Apple Pay can be used on any mobile phone using iOS version 8.1 or later. 

This version includes the following devices: iPhone 6, iPad mini 3, iPad Pro, Apple Watch 1 and all later models of phones, tablets and the watch.

Safety settings?

To activate the Apple Pay service, you are required to have a safety check set up to unlock your mobile device, whether this be a code, pattern, fingerprint or face scan. 

If none of these safety measures is in place, you won’t be able to activate the Apple Pay service. 

If, upon activation, you remove the safety settings put in place to unlock the card screen in your Apple Wallet app, the card will be automatically removed from the app and activation will require you to re-enter the card. 

How to activate Apple Pay service?

To activate Apple Pay services, all you need to do is to add your ProCredit Bank Mastercard payment card to your Apple Wallet. Depending on your device, this can be done in the following manner:

iPhone iPhone

1. In the default Apple Wallet app tap "+" to add the card.

2. Position the card so that it appears in the camera frame to automatically enter the card data (name, surname, card number).

3. Enter the card expiration date and safety code.

4. Accept the Terms and Conditions and confirm a telephone number where you will receive a one-time code for service activation. 

5. Enter the code you receive via SMS and your Apple Pay service is ready to use. 


Apple Pay    Apple Watch

1. Open the default Apple Wallet app on your iPhone. If your phone and watch are not paired, select ‘start pairing’ to connect the two devices.

2. Select the ‘My Watch’ option, then ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’.

3. Select ‘Add a card’, then tap ‘Continue’.

      3 - a) If you already have an activated card in your Apple Wallet on your iPhone, simply enter the safety code of the active card to activate the same card on your Apple Watch as well.

      3 - b) If you wish to add a new card to your Apple Watch, repeat the entire procedure to add a new card (position the card so that it is in the camera frame, confirm the card expiration date and safety code, accept the Terms and Conditions and enter the one-time code sent to you via SMS).

How to perform a payment?

Payments via iPhone or iPad

Hold your mobile phone against the POS terminal (if the POS terminal does not recognise your device, double-press the ‘Home’ button to activate Apple Pay)

Unlock your mobile device (by entering the code, pattern, fingerprint or face scan) and hold the mobile device against the POS terminal successfully complete your transaction


Video instruction - Face ID


Video instruction - Touch ID 



Payment via Apple Watch

Hold your Apple Watch against the POS terminal (if the POS terminal does not recognise the Apple Watch, double-press the side button on the Watch to activate Apple Pay)

Before your first transaction, unlock the screen on the Watch 

Each subsequent transaction will not require additional authorisation provided that you are wearing the Watch on your wrist, it is enough to hold the Watch against the POS terminal and the transaction will be performed

After taking the watch off, it is necessary to repeat the procedure described above to make a payment

Which cards may be used in Apple Pay?

All Mastercard payment cards issued by ProCredit Bank may be used in Apple Pay:

  • Mastercard Direct
  • Mastercard Credit
  • Mastercard Business Debit
  • Mastercard Exquisite

Can I use Apple Pay with ProCredit Bank’s Visa card? 

Apple Pay works exclusively with ProCredit Bank’s Mastercard payment card 

If you have an account with ProCredit Bank, you can instantly order a Mastercard payment card, free of charge. It will be sent to your home address within 7 days at the most and you can start using Apple Pay services right away.

MCan the same card be added in Apple Wallet on multiple mobile devices?

Yes. Your Mastercard payment card can be used in Apple Wallet on a number of mobile devices.  

How many cards can be added to Apple Wallet on the same device?

Depending on the device, 8 to 12 cards can be stored in Apple Wallet.

On iPhone 8, Apple Watch Series 3 and all later models, 12 cards can be added, while on earlier models, the maximum number of cards per device is 8.

Is there a fee charged for using Apple Pay?

There is no fees charged for using Apple Pay, meaning no additional fees or hidden charges.  

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