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Loans subsidised by the Ministry of Agriculture

for year 2022

Subsidised loan programme for year 2022.

ProCredit Bank began to accept applications for this year’s subsidised loan programme in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture.

Take a look at programme for 2022. 

Purpose of the loan:

  • Livestock development, which includes the purchase of animals and the animal insurance premium prescribed by the Decree;
  • Procurement of quality breeding heifers and quality breeding cows up to 5 years of age;
  • Development of arable farming, fruit growing, viticulture, vegetables and floriculture;
  • Investments in agricultural machinery and equipment;
  • Procurement of animal feed;
  • Investments in certain types of machinery and equipment used in crop production;


In line with the programme.

Loan amount

  • Private Individuals - holders of a commercial family agricultural holding and entrepreneurs are entitled to credit support, provided that the total loan amount does not exceed RSD 6,000,000.
  • Legal Entities are entitled to credit support, provided that the total loan amount does not exceed RSD 18,000,000.

The client may be granted loans for various purposes within the aforementioned stipulated maximum amount for private individuals, entrepreneurs and legal entities.

Loan Repayment

  • Monthly,
  • quarterly,
  • six-month and
  • annual annuities
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