IPARD grant funds, with the support of ProCredit Bank

All agricultural producers in our country are able to apply for IPARD grants from European Union funds, which is of particular importance because it helps you to invest in your farm with a safe return ranging between 50% and as high as 80% of the invested funds.

ProCredit Bank offers you help and support in this area.

When applying for IPARD grants, agricultural producers not only have to provide, in advance, the full amount of funds necessary to realise their investment plan, the funds available in their accounts also needs to be shown in the business plan. Therefore, ProCredit Bank has prepared a SPECIAL IPARD SUPPORT PACKAGE for all agricultural producers who intend to apply for this EU grant in the future.

Our IPARD support package offers you a number of interesting possibilities, depending on whether you intend to provide the funds necessary for the investment yourself or whether you will need our assistance in doing so.

In both cases, ProCredit Bank is here to offer advice and make it possible for you to apply for IPARD fund grants at the best possible conditions.

If you have your own funds to cover the planned investment – we suggest you open a ProCredit FlexSave account and keep your funds with us until the realisation of your investment commences.

This will give you:

  • Monthly interest accrual on deposited funds (NIR 0.8% per annum)
  • Free internet and mobile banking
  • Flexible use of the funds in the account
  • SMS notification of any account changes, free of charge
  • Free account balance statement on request – delivered to your home address within one day


If you wish to take out a full or partial loan to provide the funds necessary for the realisation of your investment – ProCredit Bank can offer you favourable borrowing terms.

  • Attractive interest rate
  • Flexible collateral
  • Possibility to repay in monthly, quarterly or semi-annual instalments
  • Expert assistance at all times

With either of the two models mentioned above, you can provide the necessary evidence of available funds at any time. This is what makes this package the fastest, easiest and most straightforward way of documenting the funds that you have at your disposal.

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