IPARD Grants with the Support of ProCredit Bank

All agricultural producers in our country will soon be eligible to apply for grants from European Union IPARD funds, thereby realising investments for their agricultural holdings with a safe return ranging from 50% up to as much as 80% of the invested funds.

ProCredit Bank offers you its assistance and support throughout the entire process.

Given that agricultural producers interested in IPARD donations will be obliged, during the application process, to ensure they already have the full amount of funds necessary for the realisation of the planned investment, as well as to show in the business plan that they have these funds available in their accounts, ProCredit Bank has prepared a SPECIAL IPARD SUPPORT PACKAGE for all agricultural producers wishing to apply for such grants from the mentioned EU funds in the coming period.

Our IPARD support package offers several interesting possibilities for you, and all depending on whether you alone will provide the funds required for the realisation of the planned investment or will be required support for this. Either way, ProCredit Bank is here to provide you with guidance and help you apply for donations from IPARD funds, under the most favourable conditions.

1. If you have your own funds available for the realisation of the planned investment – we hereby invite you to open a Savings account in our bank, and keep these funds in said account until the commencement of the realisation of your investment. 

You will thus ensure the following benefits for yourself:

  • monthly interest accrual on the deposited funds (a nominal interest rate of 0.8% per annum)
  • free-of-charge Internet and mobile banking
  • flexible use of funds in the account 
  • free-of-charge SMS notifications on account balance changes
  • free-of-charge issue of account balance CONFIRMATION – delivered upon YOUR REQUEST within 1 day to your home address.

2. If you plan to obtain the funds required for the investment realisation either fully or partially by means of a loan – ProCredit Bank has prepared extremely favourable borrowings which comprise:

  • attractive interest rates
  • flexible security instruments
  • monthly, quarterly or semi-annual instalment options
  • expert support at all times.

By choosing one of the two above-mentioned models, you may at any time produce the required proof of the amount of money at your disposal. Making this package the fastest, easiest and simplest method of providing proof of your funds.  

In cooperation with renowned consulting firms, in a joint effort we strive to make each of your projects acceptable, with a view to boost your business through economic justification of investments and the fulfilment of the donation goals.