International payments

Business without Borders – Fixed fees for international payments
International payments can be made via ProCredit e-Banking for a FIXED FEE, regardless of amount and account currency / coverage
  • € 2.50 – all ProCredit group banks - ProPay
  • € 10.00 – Germany
  • € 20.00 – all other countries
  • No additional costs 
  • Same-day transfer
  • No need to visit our branch to submit any documents
What is ProPay? 
You can take advantage of the ProPay payment service for international transfers within the ProCredit network of the banks throughout Southeast Europe and Germany. Payments can be performed using this payment system to the 11 members of the ProCredit network of banks in Southeast Europe and Germany under highly favourable conditions, quickly and easily.
Who can use the ProPay service?
Clients of ProCredit banks in the region; private individuals, institutions or companies with offices in the countries where ProCredit banks operate. 

Where can the ProPay service be used?
Germany, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Macedonia, Moldavia, Romania, Serbia, Kosovo, Greece and Ukraine. 

Why ProPay?
In order to make payments to your business partners and suppliers quickly and cheaply!
With e-Banking, which is easy to install and takes only a few minutes. This service allows you to manage your transactions and time by yourself.  
ProCredit Bank will carry out the payment within three hours and the money will be credited the same day to the payee’s own ProCredit bank account.  
The only condition is that the payer and the beneficiary must both be current account holders at a ProCredit bank.
In addition to the ProPay money transfer service within the ProCredit network of banks, ProCredit Bank also offers you fast and reliable international payments for other countriesmout of ProCredit Group, via e-Banking for fixed fee.
Prices in the table below are in EUR and apply to all amounts, regardless of account currency/coverage.  
Other Countries
*SHARE - transaction costs are divided
**OUR - transaction costs are paid by one party

Reduce administrative burden and increase efficiency. By concluding an agreement on performing international payment operations You are not obligated to submit supporting documents for the payment of imported goods or services rendered, as well as for advance payment of goods or services

Purchase and sale of foreign exchange for legal entities 

Correspondent accounts
ProCredit Bank in Serbia has correspondent account with ProCredit Bank AG, Frankfurt.

For active international economic relations throughout Southeast Europe You may use the ProPay payment system within the ProCredit network of banks in the region.
Payment orders can be realized through this payment system in eleven banks – members of the ProCredit network of banks in Southeast Europe and Germany under highly favourable conditions, in a very short period of time.
Ensure simple and efficient execution of all foreign currency transactions with your partners around the world, as well as highly favourable conditions for: 
  • Opening and maintaining of foreign currency accounts in EUR, USD, CHF, GBP and CNY
  • Purchase and sale of foreign exchange at a favourable exchange rate
  • Quick and affordable execution of Your foreign exchange transactions with business partners around the world
  • Letters of credit and banking guarantees
  • Account balance and account turnover check, generation and printing of statements at Your request and issue of all types of confirmations
  • Conditional remittances
  • Business trip payments, both advance payments and final settlement.