ProCredit Entry Programme


“A combination of useful and interesting. The ProCredit Entry Programme took us out of our routine and taught us things that we can apply in our everyday lives. From day one, we were provided support to occupational and team adaptation. The programme has already become a tradition at our bank. Each new generation quickly blends into the ProTeam and continues with the same level of energy that they had on the first day. I am glad that I am a part of that team every day.”

Ana Petković
Client Adviser
ProCredit Entry Programme participant


 The ProCredit Entry Programme is a starting point for employment at ProCredit Bank. The programme in question is an intensive, introductory course on theoretical and practical banking and financing. The duration of the course is six months. Theoretical training is held at the ProCredit Bank Training Centre in Belgrade, on Avala, whereas practical training is organised at various branches and service points. Theoretical and practical training is interspersed throughout the programme. The programme is international and therefore, held entirely in the English language. Throughout the programme, participants have the opportunity to work with trainers and mentors employed at the Bank, including members of the Bank’s management team.    


The programme covers: 

  • Core principles of banking, finance and economics

  • Key concepts in economic development, environmental management and globalisation

  • An introduction to customer care and banking services

  • Financial maths and accounting

  • Specific tasks and projects which develop professional and personal qualities, both as individuals and as team members

ProCredit business philosophy and ProCredit history, which allows candidates to learn about the bank’s corporate culture and ethical principles, as reflected in the ProCredit Banks’ Code of Conduct and applied in our day-to-day operations

In addition, the course also focuses on developing communication skills, analytical thinking and relevant interpersonal skills, all of which require continuous self-improvement.

After completing my degree, I came face to face with life in the real world and have to admit there was a moment when I felt the fear of an uncertain future. For months I sent in applications to countless addresses and had many interviews, but no one was willing to take the risk of hiring someone who had just finished university, without any prior experience. The ProCredit Entry Programme changed my life and me as a person. The call that I received from the HR department and our first conversation left quite an impression on me. I felt that someone was truly interested in me, as a person, in my interests, ambitions, in my opinions about events happening in our society, the economy, etc. What followed was a rare selection process throughout which I realised that my diploma and whether I possessed previous experience were not the only points of interest, but rather that factors like willingness, individuality, creativity and perseverance were appreciated. I was very proud of myself when, among hundreds of candidates, I was chosen to participate in the Programme. What followed was a dynamic and demanding training programme which brought with it experience, professional development and true friendship. And, most importantly, my enthusiasm returned as well as my motivation to move forward and to develop professionally in a dynamic and energetic working environment. 
Aleksandra Jevremović,
Programme Participant in 2014,
now employed as a Client Adviser in Kikinda 



The training programme is organised interactively through discussions and workshops and participants are able to present and defend their ideas through different tasks, projects and presentations. The participant’s progress is monitored and followed in order to see how well they are able to cope with the various subjects dealt with during the programme through frequent tests and discussions as well as written work. Those who are active, can work successfully in a team, are open to the opinions of others but at the same time have their own views are the types of participants that we believe are most suitable for the programme.

This is a unique opportunity for the participants and for ProCredit to gauge whether candidates attitudes and personal qualities fit with the special “ProCredit way of working”.



I studied at the Faculty of Philosophy. Most people would think that my life’s work would be in a field that is the absolute opposite of banking. The ProCredit Entry Programme was therefore, for me especially, a personal challenge. With a degree in philosophy and without a single day of experience, I was invited to participate in the selection process. For this reason I believe that I am the right person to confirm that this is a unique method of employing people, one that offers anyone interested in working for a bank the chance to do so, even those who are not economists by profession. The majority of the Programme entails working on presentations and participating in discussions on various topics within the fields of economics, sociology and philosophy, and everyone has the opportunity to participate. Analytical and communication skills are intensively developed. The variety of the educational profiles of the participants adds an additional layer of interest – their different outlooks on the world, the different ways that they find solutions, their vocabulary – these are constantly developing and changing. The ability to openly accept the opinions of others and to engage constructively in discussions are the basis for successful participation in the Programme.

ProCredit Bank’s particular manner of hiring people offers amazing opportunities for young people with various educational profiles to gain a broader perspective regarding the way the banking sector functions. I believe that this is an opportunity that no young person should pass up.

Zdravko Aleksić,
Programme Participant in 2014,
now employed as a Credit Analyst Specialist in Belgrade
Full attendance during the programme is mandatory, as is a high level of participation and involvement from each participant.
The candidates selected to participate in the ProCredit Entry Programme receive a stipend throughout the six-month period. In the case of individuals with prior work experience, the amount of the stipend can be adjusted to reflect that experience. Accommodation is organised and paid for by ProCredit Bank.
The unique hiring approach and continual learning process offer candidates with varied educational profiles the opportunity to professionally develop their existing know-how and skills. One of my main motives for wanting to become a part of the ProCredit team was the fact that ProCredit Bank invests in employee education, which is an imperative for every young person at the start of his or her career. In addition to gaining know-how in banking and finance, I gained knowledge about other fields as well. I was able to improve my English language skills dramatically through many workshops, essays and debates. By participating in international workshops, we were able to meet colleagues from other countries and exchange experiences with them; at the same time, as someone without any previous work experience and a Law degree, this was a huge challenge for me. 
This Programme prepared me for the job that I now do with great pleasure. Working with medium-sized clients is a challenge; however, with the right foundation and continuous education, a young person can learn to communicate on an equal level. 

Dušan Velaja,

Programme Participant in 2014,
now employed as a Medium Business Client Adviser in Niš 


Participants who successfully complete the six-month training programme may be offered an employment contract with the bank. However, neither the bank nor the programme participants are under any legal obligation to enter into an employment contract. If an individual’s performance is deemed to be unsatisfactory at any point during the six-month period, he or she will be notified accordingly by the bank, and two weeks after such notice is given, the bank may terminate the individual’s participation in the ProCredit Entry Programme and consequently payment of the stipend will also be discontinued. 
The quality of our recruitment programme and consistent training methods help us to ensure that our outstanding customer service is maintained.
We expect initiative, dedication, commitment and flexibility from all participants of the ProCredit Entry Programme. These are individuals who are prepared to work away from their home town – not only during their training, but also if they eventually become employees of ProCredit Bank.
If you believe that we are the right institution for you and if you want to build a career within the ProCredit group, you can apply for the ProCredit Entry Programme by following the link below: