A full service bank for private clients

ProCredit Bank aims to offer its customers the highest quality services. That is why our operations are based on easy-to-understand savings solutions, modern and efficient financial transactions and credit services that solve life’s important problems.
Since quality is our highest concern, we constantly seek to improve our existing services with new and innovative services.
We believe that quality can only be attained through professionalism, politeness and a willingness of bank employees to communicate openly with our customers, so that together we can find the best solution for your financial needs.
Therefore, since we started operations in 2001, we have succeeded in attracting over 280,000 clients, whose trust in our German business model is shown in deposits of over EUR 270 million.
Through its activities, ProCredit Bank is dedicated to financial education of the population and to providing objective information concerning financial services. We therefore encourage you to visit the new website of the National Bank of Serbia – www.tvojnovac.nbs.rs – which was created to offer information about various financial products and services. For more information on ProCredit Bank’s services and the answers to the most frequently asked questions, please visit the “ProCredit Bank Adviser” section of our website.